How to Make Reading Notes when reading professional books?

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Generally, my own professional books take notes on books. But how can I take notes if I borrow professional books or electronic professional books?

For example, mankun's economics, stupv's History of Western philosophy, and intermediate financial accounting at Northeast University of Finance and Economics ......

This type of books has a lot of knowledge. If you just read it, you will soon forget a lot. So how can you write your reading notes?

Answer:If you are not conscious of it, you cannot answer questions. Your questions are not just notes, but reading methods. My replies include reading, taking notes, and other content.

Read the most basic things at the beginning of a professional book. Don't worry about it. Spend more time and energy figuring out the basic concepts, understanding them in depth, or worrying about others' speed.

If I read professional books for the purpose of learning and understanding, I am not limited to one or two books. I will spend time collecting books and reading the topics.

For reading Professional Books, try:

Topic reading glossary Reading Notes + Mind Map reading stories with questions

1. Glossary:The biggest problem in the early stage was to clarify some professional terms and understand the consciousness of each word. Instead of the induction in the book, I tried to write down my understanding of the word in my own words, it should be as plain as possible, and you will continue to modify it as your understanding deepens. The degree of understanding of some professional words often determines the effect of your reading.

2. Reading theme:At this time, do not read only a book. It is best to read theme books, prepare 20 or 30 books, and read them together. Some books may be bad, but sometimes they can explain a concept well. If you don't understand a book, you can change it. Important Concepts and opinions will be repeatedly presented and elaborated in different books.

3. Reading Notes + Mind Map:

The Mind Map is used to roughly divide the overall framework. Professional Books can be made by chapter. The focus of each chapter is summarized first.

For a specific detail, the book may be wonderful. At this time, extract some of the content in the book into Reading Notes.

At the beginning, we recorded the key points and added some of our own ideas and reading experiences in the future. Sometimes it is very valuable to make your thoughts and thoughts into independent mind maps.

When doing mind map, if the book is very good, there will be enough time to adjust it four or five times.

The first time I started to write all the points in the book. The second time, I understood how to integrate and adjust the thought map points. The third time you start to delete only the parts that are useful to you. The fourth step is to use the 5w3h method to create a new mind map. The fifth step is to add and expand the content of this book to the knowledge tree of the personal industry. This knowledge tree is accomplished through reading, practice, and accumulation of reflection.

4. share a story

There are many things that are hard to understand. In this case, you can try to compile stories to explain these concepts and see how well you can compile the stories.

Try to spread what you learned, connect it to reality, write your experiences on the blog, make PPT, and map your mind,

5. Several books mentioned:

Mankun's principles of economics are read together with an economic lesson. First, let's take some basic concepts of economics into account and understand the history of the western philosophy of sempv: How many schools are explained in the book, what are the characteristics of each genre. If you really cannot understand it, find the works of each genre and continue to read it in depth. We recommend that you read it with Fu Peirong's philosophy and life. Intermediate Financial Accounting: Let's see why vendors who sell bamboo won't fall. Which of the following is more profitable? Java 6 basic tutorial published by Tsinghua University: Read the syntax several times, build a Java programming environment, and startCode. In the process of writing code, you will be able to understand it. If you do not read the book, you will never learn it.

6. Read with questions

You can also read the problem, write down the problem, and prepare a list of problems at a time.

Search through the Internet, for example, taking a look at Wikipedia's understanding of how the concept takes a few days to go to the library, a large number of fast book turning, and to see which book can solve the problem. Read-Only parts related to these issues and take notes.

The rest is repeated reading. When repeated repetition occurs, the more times the persistence occurs, the better the effect.

In your opinion, all the points in the book are important. That is, you have not read the book clearly, and you have not separated the primary and secondary fields. The first step of reading is to distinguish between the primary and secondary nodes.


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