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The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software.


  Why Windows System Snipping Tool is not liked

1: System screenshot Tool no shortcut, always go to find.

2: Now in the process of using the computer, basically will open QQ. And QQ comes with screenshots function to let the system screenshots function more no one uses.

3: Know this feature is not a lot of people, compared to a lot of time to take screenshots to open QQ on the line.


  How to make you like the system comes with snipping tool

I believe that as long as you have the System Screenshot tool has shortcut keys, like the QQ screenshot tool can be used by shortcut keys. So many people will choose the system comes with the tool, compared it does not require you to open QQ, a boot directly can use.


  How to make the system comes with Snipping Tool has shortcut key can quickly start it.

Click Start-Program-Accessories, find Snipping Tool, right click to send it to the desktop, that is, a shortcut to generate a screenshot tool on the desktop. Then right-click this shortcut and select Properties. Press the shortcut key where you want to quickly launch it.

The above is about watching how I make you like the system comes with Snipping tool . The above is called How Windows 7 is set up, but the XP system can also be implemented using the settings above. Finally like you can enjoy the screenshot function of the system.

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