How to make/restore Win8.1 update system image Backup

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How to make WIN8 system image backup?

Win8.1 How to restore a system image backup?

Although win8/win8.1 introduces a new system initialization feature, this feature is generally limited to branded computers. How does a normal user make a Win8 system image backup? Is the latest version of Win8.1 update possible to make a system image backup? Below, the It house takes you to manually make a system image backup using the Wbadmin command.

Test Platform: Windows 8.1 Update (17031)

Reference Tutorial:

First, make the system image backup

1. Go to modern Start screen, search "PowerShell", right click on the program (Run as Administrator)

2, for example, we back up the current system disk (C:) to the (E:) disk, you can enter the following command: (English characters)

WbAdmin start backup-backuptarget:e:-include:c:-allcritical-quiet

If the user wants to back up other disks to the E-drive, such as D-Drive, F-drive, you can enter the following command:

WbAdmin start backup-backuptarget:e:-include:c:,d:,f:-allcritical-quiet

3. Start backing up all files on the system disk

4. Successfully backup system image

▲ Current system disk volume

▲ System mirrored volume after backup

Second, restore the system image backup

If we encounter a Win8 that does not start properly, you can restore the previous system image backup by doing the following:

1. Insert WIN8 system installation disk or USB drive boot disk

2. Select Repair Computer

3. Continue to select Troubleshooting

4. Select Advanced Options

5, finally find the system image recovery (support the previous system image backup)

6. Select Win8.1 Update system Image

7. Confirm the system image backup file

8, during the restore process, support format, re-partition , recommended tick

9, select complete , start to restore the system

10, when the System image Restore task is finished, the current win8/win8.1 system can be used normally.

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