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Network freedom and interactivity, reflected in news sites, mostly in the form of Community or forum, such as the People's Daily "power Forum", Xinhua's "Development Forum" and the Mass network of "public community" and so on. As netizens will have heated discussions and debates on current hot spots or focus, thus forming strong public opinion, this influence will further affect the reports and viewpoints of traditional media, and even affect the administration of relevant departments.

Quality Requirements for forum managers

The orientation of public opinion is the eternal theme of news media. Due to the characteristics of network communication, Internet users can use virtual identity to speak, which have rational, constructive views and views, but also some irrational personal emotional vent. The name of the Netizen is fictitious, without moral bondage, without censorship of any political, ideological, technical, textual, and logical capabilities, this would provide an excellent arena for some information counterfeiters and rumour-mongers to make irresponsible statements online, or to spread false information and create chaos. Forum administrators must do a good job of public opinion guidance, delete false, irresponsible remarks, to control the overall mood of the forum, so that the forum in the direction of positive, open, and unity.

First, the work should be careful, a sense of responsibility, to prevent false news, abuse, attacks, advertising, pornography, violence, superstition, gambling and other issues of the emergence of posts. If not the mixed, nishajuxia information to filter and control, not the Netizen's information dissemination and reception behavior to guide, it is bound to make the whole forum by its harm. Administrators to the forum to affect the community at the same time, to ensure that the Forum should bear the social responsibility.

The second is to have a sense of public opinion, pay attention to learning, grasp some legal knowledge, understand the country's current policy and policies. To the Forum some important hot topic, should have the foresight to carry on the guidance, to the speech which does not allow, must consult the authoritative department and the expert actively. Violations of the laws and regulations must be deleted, violations of national policy and policy statements, according to their extent to modify or delete. Pay attention to protect intellectual property rights and copyrights, do not let the forum become a copyright protection of the vacuum zone. Pay attention to the principle of confidentiality, some involving military secrets, State secrets, historical issues of the topic to be highly vigilant, do not let the forum become a source of leakage of State secrets.

Third, to deal with forum affairs to maintain the "three public", that is, fair, impartial and open. Avoid the privilege of the Forum, attention to resolve the forum contradictions, the administrator himself as far as possible not to participate in the debate, to deal with the problem should be fair and democratic, pay attention to listen to netizens opinion, do have "law" can depend on, violate the "law" must investigate, here's the law, the first is the state's laws and regulations, followed by the national policy and policy, and then the management of the Forum. To avoid dealing with emotional problems, try not to cause the majority of netizens to resent and bounce back emotionally. Attention to prevent the forum vulgar tendency, control the use of uncivilized language, pay attention to the regional controversy of the intensification.

Four is to master the basic Network knowledge and network technology. The Master of the Forum management software should not only be ripe, but also special, for some forum management technology such as keyword filtering technology, IP addressing technology to be familiar with the grasp, but also to learn the Advanced Forum management Technology and management experience, and other advanced Web site forum administrators to exchange, to improve their management level.

Common technical means of forum management

With the development of network technology and software technology, more and more technical means are applied to the management of the Forum. But same, currently in the Forum management widely used technical means mainly have the following several

One is to turn off the open technology regularly. For some news site forums, the increase in the speed of Internet users and the increase in the number of registered users to increase the speed of managers to dwarf, especially for the Xinhua and People's network of these national big websites. Some rumors or false news is often devoted to the night of weak management of the time to spread, some foreign ulterior motives will also take the difference between the management of the forum to drill loopholes. In this case, the choice of a part of the time to close the forum is also the news website forum to adopt the method. Now use the time to shut down the technology forum, the way is closed altar can only see posts can not post, or closed altar issued by the text need to audit to be released.

Second, before the first trial and the hair technology. This is not so much a technique as a system. Because the forum post volume is generally very large, the full use of manual review issued, not only requires a large number of human review, and because the post review can not guarantee the immediacy of the forum, so that the charm of a large discount. Therefore, there are not many forums in which the first instance is fully adopted.

The third is the key word filtration technology. Early keyword filtering technology is relatively simple, but also easy to cheat, for example, set "8888" as the keyword, the article contains "8888" four digits, the forum will refuse to post, but as long as the "8888" changed to "8888" can avoid filtering. The latest keyword filtering technology to adopt keyword grading technology, according to the post contains keywords, different levels, the background will be taken to refuse to post, send a message to remind the Administrator to audit and other different coping methods.

Four is the integral (experience value) limit function. At present, this is an effective technical means. The specific approach is that, according to the different user points, give users different permissions, such as 50 points can be sent to the map, 100 points can be sent attachments, 200 can use VB language. Integrate the integration with the user rights organically, netizens usually cherish their own permissions, so use will be cautious, so that the Forum management. Some of the forums also integrate the integration function and business, to become a forum for income generation of a bright spot.

Five is plugging technology. This is the most extreme means of forum management, the use of the effect is not satisfactory. According to the type of division, but also can be divided into blocked user name and IP address (paragraph) of two. Since there are few forums using real-name or authentication methods, users of the user name is blocked, it is easy to re-register to continue landing forum; Due to the limit of total IP address, many broadband network and metropolitan area network users use the same IP address to access the Internet, IP address is easy to "kill" innocent users. These two methods often arouse the strong antipathy of netizens, so it is not worth advocating to use.

Future Trends in forum Management

With the development of network technology, most of the forums are gradually developing towards multimedia, multi-function, virtual reality and role playing. But, same, the forum, with its main form of posting and replies, remains the most important and central part of all community functions. The forum is not only the function of recreation, entertainment, communication, leisure and learning, but more often, the forum becomes an important channel for disseminating news, news and viewpoints. Website as the status of the news media, the role of the Forum can not be. Usually, people's reliance on the mainstream media is not easily changed, and as the mainstream website of the news site forum, through the correct public opinion guide, close to the Netizen, close to life, close to reality, resolving, with the mainstream, authoritative and authentic voice of the occupation of the forum, in the discussion with netizens, integration, Comb the Forum on the messy information, relying on sound management technology and relevant provisions of the Management Forum, in the future for a long time, is still the main news forum managers work.

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