How to manually clear the virus of image hijacking Technology

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When using a computer, we often encounter viruses. How can we thoroughly scan and kill the computer's trojan virus?Security Defense teaches you how to kill viruses of image hijacking technology.


PairIceswordAndSrengAfter the main program is renamed, it runs. At this time, the virus program like Notepad has opened nearly a hundred dialog boxes, and the system becomes very slow. InWINXPSelect this group of windows in the taskbar, close them, and preemptible some system resources.

Double-clickUDiskProcessexplorerAt a glance, we can see three processes with the notepad icon. Try to end one of them. After the process is found to be complete, the program will immediately restart. It seems thatKillThe process does not work. If the process does not end, stop the process, select the three processes, right-click the process, and selectSuspend(Pause) process, the virus will not pop up a new dialog box, it is easy to kill it.

Switch to the ice blade and simply use process management to easily browse these files by using the File Manager built in the ice blade based on the Program location and file name of the virus process, and copy a backup file to the desktop, right-click and select force Delete.

Next, switch to the Registry Editor in the blade window and browseHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsNT \ CurrentVersion \ Image File Execution options, View the corresponding program name in the subregistry key one by one, and find another virus program. (It should be noted that some netizens think that they only need to retainYour image file name here without a pathSub-keys. You can delete all other sub-Keys. I think it is still risky to do this. We recommend that you check the sub-key and sub-key carefully. If you find that the key value is the path of the virus program, delete the sub-key ).

Similarly, you need to use the ice blade File Manager to forcibly Delete the virus program. This virus is too bad. I found that almost all the anti-virus software, firewall, and system management tools (Regedit,Msconfig,CMD, Task Manager), third-party system Auxiliary Tools(Sreng,AutorunsAnd ice blades) are all hijacked.

After fixing the registry, double-click Anti-VirusUThe drug overlord in the disk, the new version of Anti-VirusUThe monitoring function is added to the disk. When I click the virus programs on the desktop backupUThe disk monitoring immediately kills the virus. Then open the resource manager and browse to the root directory of other partitions to prevent viruses.UThe disk removes the viruses hidden in the root directory of several other partitions.

If you have other types of viruses, you can accessSecurity DefenseSolve the problem.


How to manually clear the virus of image hijacking Technology

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