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On the topic of linking, we all have the impression that all valuable links come from other sites. Although these links play an important role, these are not the only important links.

When you want to start your link work, why not stop to consider the most accessible and most accessible links? Those links are your own sites and the ones you can totally control. Using an internal link correctly can become a useful weapon and become your search engine optimization arsenal.

 The function of the inner chain structure:

1, to ensure that your site is properly crawling, all the pages are search engines to find

2, to create a relevance to the keyword phrase of the page

3. Add an internal sort page

This shows how the inner chain structure can affect these areas and how to maximize the effectiveness of your site's internal links.

  To get your Web pages to be crawled by spiders.

Ensuring that every page of your site is crawled by search engines is the easiest thing you can do for your site rankings. This can not only increase the search engine on your credit, it will also make your site keyword rankings have greater potential.

I've seen websites where search engines find all of their pages and side-by-page, and find that some of the keywords that bring traffic are never even studied or targeted.

This may not apply to your situation, but if you have a larger site and the site has a lot of pages that are relevant to your content, it will improve the overall value of your site. You give these content to your visitors, so why avoid the search engine?

Search engines can not read the way to deal with the links, search engines can not crawl them. This situation is more than the current navigation script. If your site uses such a scripting navigation system, then you should consider the specific application of the internal connection structure on one hand.

In addition, the image navigation can be searched by the engine spider but the search engine can't read the picture, so you can't connect the picture related page to another place on your website.

 Create a dependency page for a keyword phrase

Any keyword page to reach the top of the search engine must first have a clear goal, including which page has which keyword. Generally speaking, the key words will be those that are more competitive, and the inner pages of the site focus on phrases that are less competitive. All you have to do now is to create a relevance page for the keyword phrase, and you will want to link the anchor text using the keyword phrase to that page. Let's assume you have a mainframe company. Instead of using anchor text "Home" and "web hosting main" to link your homepage. The key words are these words "web" "Hosting" "Main". Obviously, you can discard the word "main". In many cases, however, many web visitors do not reach your site through the home page, but are linked to your site's system through internal pages, footers, or inline text links. For example, if a web hosting company proposes and wants to target "dedicated hosting" instead of just placing the links in the middle of the beautiful graphic, they will want to include a "dedicated hosting" anchor text linked to this internal page. This will link the keyword "Dedicated hosting" to this page.

If in a field can put their website to do the top 10, that will greatly promote the Site Keyword SEO optimization effect, which will bring benefits to your Web pages.

 Raise the page level of an internal page

We are here to discuss Google search sort, of course, other search rules are sorta. The closer you are to a page from the homepage, the higher the page level is given. Basically, through one click to the first page, it must be more than a deep buried in the five level of the page to get more weight.

But that doesn't mean linking all the pages to your home page. This will not only spread the weight of each link, but also make your site become unattractive after the big.

For targeted keywords and target pages, be sure to link these internal pages to your home page. If the above mentioned web hosting company has a PR value of 6 of the homepage, then the general PR value of a page is 5 (sometimes 4, sometimes 6, depending on the weight of the homepage to set), and two level of the PR value of the page is usually around 3.

  How to improve the inner chain structure

We have a lot of ways to improve the inner link, which is mainly categorized into three

1. Text link navigation

2, the bottom of the page

3. Inline text link

Text link navigation

Most sites include some left-hand navigation sites, which makes it easier to read by search engine spiders. If the search engine spider in your site to see the first thing, the search engine will give attention, so must be done to optimize it.

If you are using text link navigation then be sure to include the target keyword link. This does not mean filling your keywords in a link, because this is the site's navigation, not the keyword collection. I've seen some websites that have a link to almost every keyword. Not only does this look uncomfortable, but it's also easy to be punished by search engines.

You don't need to have a link to each of your keywords, but it has to work, every two or three pages are available. Add some keywords appropriately to the internal page. If your goal is to "site home" and link your home page via a "dedicated host" of navigation and use "Contact us", it would be a good idea to use the anchor text "dedicated host" as the third link.

 Bottom of page

The bottom of the page is where the Web page is often overused or abused. Although they can attract spiders to crawl your site, as mentioned above, they should not be used as a tool for making rubbish. I see a lot of sites that have a footer that is longer than the page from the site that connects to each page on its site. This is not only bad, but it cuts the value of each individual link.

Keep your footer clean and use anchor text to link to the site's key inner pages, which is the optimized footer. You can also write the footer piece to the sitemap. On this map, link to every page of your site. Here you can easily make sure that every page is crawled. Good anchor text is also a principle for specifying site maps. This will increase the relevance between your site map and links.

 Internal links

The internal link Content link also belongs to your work content. While there is uncertainty as to the content of their linked web site, inline text links also seem to gain extra weight.

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