How to modify DNS Win8 specific steps to modify DNS server addresses diagram

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In network optimization and network security protection, we may need to use to modify the DNS server address, the next small series to share with you how to modify the DNS address, here to the current WIN8 system as an example, teach you how to modify the computer DNS address, the need for friends may wish to refer to.

How to modify DNS Win8 modify DNS server address methods

If you do not know what DNS is, then it is recommended that you read the following: DNS is what DNS server is?

With the understanding of DNS and its role, let's share with you the following Win8 how to modify the DNS server address, detailed method steps are as follows:

1, first click on the bottom of the Desktop Network icon right button, and then select "Open Network and Sharing Center", as shown in the following figure:

Open Network and Sharing Center

The illustration above shows that the author uses a wireless network, and if you are using a network cable, you can also right-click on the web icon and see the Open Network and Sharing Center options.

2. Next, click "Change adapter Settings" on the left in the Network and Sharing Center window, as shown in the following illustration:

Change adapter Settings

3, then in the "Network Connection" window, to find our Internet connection for the network card, the general display as "Local connection", I am here the name of the network card because of their own changed to "Wi-Fi." So check the network card and click the right mouse button, select "Properties", as shown in the following image:

Win8 Local Area Connection settings

4, in later performance of the network connection properties of the Network tab found in the "Tcp/ipv4" this option, and then click on the lower right of the "Properties" button, as shown in the following image:

Select Tcp/ipv4 Property

5. Next, in the Internet protocol version 4 Tcp/ipv4 Properties window, select Use the following DNS server addresses, and then complete the DNS addresses separately in "First DNS server" and "Alternate DNS server." Here is the location to modify the DNS address, we are based on the location of their DNS address to fill out.

modifying DNS server addresses

Finally click "OK" button, completed the WIN8 system DNS server address set up, the other XP, Win7 system setup steps are basically the same oh.

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