How to modify the BIOS for a virtual machine (Microsoft Virtual PC or VMware)

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Modify Virtual PC VM bios

Microsoft Virtual PC, which has the advantage of small memory footprint and strong compatibility with the operating system. You can install the OEM version of Windows XP without activation by modifying the OEM characters in the virtual machine BIOS information.

1. Tool software that needs to be prepared

To modify the BIOS information for the virtual machine, we need to prepare the following tool software:

(1) Microsoft Virtual PC 2004: Version number 5.3.582.27 After installing the SP1 patch pack.

(2) Resscope: This is a software resource analysis and editing tool similar to Exescope, which has more functions than exescope. The latest version is currently 1.92.

(3) Mmtool: This is a gadget that can add or remove appropriate modules to the AMI BIOS files (Microsoft Virtual

PC Virtual machine BIOS is just the AMI, do not need to install, decompression directly after the operation can be.

2. Back up the main file.

Before we do this, we first need to back up the virtual PC.exe file in the Microsoft Virtual PC installation directory so that if something goes wrong with the modification, you can return it.

3. Get BIOS source files

Open virtual PC.exe with Resscope, navigate to the BIOS resource, select the file → export resource menu command to export the resource number 13500 to the Bios.rom file, and note that the filename suffix must be. Rom to be opened by Mmtool.

4. Export the OEM module of the BIOS

Run the Mmtool program, switch to power Mmtool mode, and execute the load ROM command to load the BIOS file that you just exported: Bios.rom. You can see the number, size, percentage, and so on of each module in the list, because our primary purpose is to modify the OEM information, so select the DMI this module to separate the module from the BIOS file on the "Extract" tab, and note that the exported file is in uncompressed format (in Uncempressed from), for example named Dmi.rom, do not close the Mmtool program immediately.

5. Modify OEM information for BIOS

Then use UltraEdit to open the Dmi.rom module that you just exported, find the corresponding address, and then you can modify it. If you want, you can even change the BIOS generation date and version, of course, remember to save after the change.

6. Replace 06 Modules

Switch back to Mmtool window, still select the DMI, switch to the "Replac" page, open the modified Dmi.rom file, navigate to the 06 module, click the "Replace" button to replace it, and then exit the program after saving the Bios.rom file.

7. Update BIOS Resources

Switch back to the Resscope window, still navigate to 13500 of the BIOS resources, select the "file → import resources" command to import the edited Bios.rom file to update, save and exit. You can then launch the Microsoft Virtual PC for testing.

Modifying the wmware virtual machine bios

Maybe some friends prefer the right VMware, we can use two third party software to modify, here with V5.0 build 13124

The beta version is introduced.

1. Software that needs to be prepared

First of all, please prepare a binary editing tool, here I recommend the use of resscope; In addition, we also need to prepare the BIOS editor, recommend Phoenix BIOS Editor

2. Export VMware BIOS

The VMware BIOS is hidden in a deeper location and we need to work with Vmware-vmx.exe files in the C:Program filesvmwarevmware Workstationbin folder.

First copy this file to another path back down, and then open the file with Resscope, from the left of the resources to select Binres, find 6006 modules, extracted after saving as Bios.rom standby, pay attention to temporarily do not close the Resscope window.

3. Modify BIOS

Run the Phoenix BIOS Editor, call in the Bios.rom file you just saved to modify the DMI information, modify the contents of "Motherboard Version", and then select "File→build BIOS" command when you have finished modifying it.

4. Rewrite Vmware-vmx.exe

Return to the Resscope window, select the 6006 module, select the file → import resource menu command to import the edited Bios.rom file, and then click the Save icon on the toolbar to update the current resource item, and then quit the program.

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