How to obtain Win7 system permissions

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The default account for the WIN7 system is the administrator account, but to a large extent, there is no permission to access and modify some of the key files of the Win7 system, for example, when you delete a file, you are prompted: "Your permissions are insufficient, please click Continue to get permission." "So, to a large extent, we have to open the Administrator account and use the Super Admin account to get the highest privileges on the computer." Let me show you how to get the Win7 permission from the following small series.

1. For general documents, there is no need to open the Administrator account, just a simple way to OK! For example, treat this type of folder below.

2. We only need to right-click, select "Admin get Ownership" can.

3. For some program files, you only need to right-click, select "Run as Administrator", but also a very convenient way to get administrator privileges.

How to open an Administrator account

1.windows7 system, the administrator account is not opened by default, then we need to manually open, this is not difficult! To the computer icon, right-click, select Management.

2. After opening the interface, select Local Users and groups, click the user, select the administrator account.

3. Open, after the administrator account, follow the following actions to do.

4. In this way, at the beginning of the landing of the interface, that is, the administrator account can be selected to choose this account to obtain the highest administrative authority, but it is recommended that the account should not open the good, if the account is damaged, and then create an account is easy to fail. Also, the first time you open this account, you do not need a password.

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