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RAR file How to open? How to open a RAR file? The problem is small, but the RAR file how to open this problem trapped a lot of computer small white users. "RAR file How to open" problem only one solution is to install a support decompression RAR file format of the decompression tool. After all, Win7 only supports open. zip format compressed files by default, and does not support compressed files in. rar format.

What is a. rar file?

Let's start with a simple understanding of what a compressed file is. Compressed files can be understood to compress n files or folders into a single file. Simple example: Each book is a document, put many books are packaged in a box, the box is a good book, is a compressed file.

". RAR" is currently the most popular compressed file format, the year of ". Zip" is a common format. Compressed file format, that's the way the box is packaged. zip is the most common format, can be seen as cartons, can be empty handed out of the box, and. RAR can be seen as wooden cases, need to use other tools to open the box (don't tell me you can kick open the box).

How does rar file open?

From the above analogy, we can see that. rar is the most mainstream compressed file format, but it is not empty empty-handed can be opened, need to rely on a support. RAR decompression tool can be opened in order to extract the files inside.

A word summary, download a decompression tool, you can open the. rar file.

Most people use the decompression tool is undoubtedly winrar, but this is a billing software (free also can use, after the probation period will constantly remind you to purchase genuine). I recommend you use homemade free decompression tools, such as fast pressure, good pressure, cool pressure, compression is a good solution to the compression tool. Install a random, RAR file How to open this problem solved.

RAR file How to open the method 1--right key decompression to

After installing any of the above uncompressed software, click on the compressed file for the. rar suffix name. As shown in Figure 1, almost all files ending with. rar will be replaced with icons like this. This article to open "RAR file how to open. rar" as an example.

Right click on "RAR file how to open. rar" file, then select "Extract to Current Folder" can be.

Select "Extract to Current Folder"

RAR file How to open the method 1--double-click Open

The second way is to double-click to open the "RAR file how to open. rar" This file, and then click "Extract to", and finally select a decompression path on the line (Figure 2).

Click "Extract to"

Written in the last

RAR file How to open this problem for many users is not a problem, but for the computer small white users is a big problem. So this article also write more long-winded, but also use metaphor and so on. Plainly is a sentence, with the decompression tool can open the RAR file.

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