How to open a good time

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1. Time to control in 10-15 minutes 2. The thing you're going to say is that you want everyone to know. 3. The current progress of the things I do 4. What is being done is organized in a certain logical language: what did the main predicate object do yesterday, and is there a delay? Can you solve it? If it can be solved, will it help other people? If not, can I go on to do the following? Did I throw it out? What to do today, plan how much to do. For example: I am now doing project management, including: Project Add, Project modification, project deletion, current project switch, now completed project Add, Project modification function. Expected to be completed tomorrow, delayed until the day after tomorrow, need support. Project process encountered some problems: [main predicate object] I do project management Add time, found that there is a problem may affect the dick and Harry, we need to pay attention to, and then no problem to find the quality problem, need to define again how we define the page as far as possible to express themselves do this thing progress, quality, problem, And where others need support, find yourself at risk for doing this thing Use this organization as much as possible: everyone in the project team can know the current project situation 5. The meeting is a place where the problem is found. 6. The Council is the place where the target is defined 7. The Council is a place where you can express your ideas. 8. The Council is an account of his own work for a day. 9. The Council is a place where consensus is reached 10. The Sound of the Council is louder, bigger, bigger. 。 We tried the morning will shout slogan: Good morning, good, very good, very good, more and more good, tomorrow will be better 11. The Council can be a place to find problems. 12. The Council is a promise.

How to open a good time

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