How to open a PDF file in CAD software

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Generally more copyrighted material is PDF format, that need to refer to the time, how to use CAD to open the PDF file? Or is, need to see the picture is more vague, want to use PDF to open to see clearly, how to do?

According to the information and technical staff to find the interpretation of the PDF and DWG file format is essentially different, the PDF is a pixel layer has been saved intact, and DWG or vector map, so there is no way between the two high-quality conversion. To sort it out, the way it might work is as follows:

1, can not directly use the CAD to open the PDF file, but you may use the picture Insert form to insert the diagram in the PDF in the CAD file;

2, use other tools software conversion, such as SCAN2CAD, and need PS to help modify the format, but the final effect is poor;

3, also have netizens said, can check the source files of the PDF scanned out or the virtual machine printing, if it is scanned in accordance with Method 1 to operate, if it is using the virtual printing of CAD, it can be converted to CAD format using Illustrator;

4, also said that you can use the AI conversion format.

Of course, only high-quality images can be converted to high-quality things, welcome to add other methods.

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