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QQ Domain name mailbox is a personalized mail service launched by Tencent company. If you have a domain name, you can create a personalized mailbox with a custom domain suffix by simply setting it. Specific introduction can query

OK, now let's have a try.

Open the Application page first Http://

Click on the middle of the page to create a domain name mailbox

Click to enter, prompted to register the domain name mailbox before you have to enter their own QQ email account and Password login registration

Enter your QQ mailbox and password into the registration page,

Enter the name of the domain names mailbox service to click "Next"

(If you do not have a domain name, you can register by

Select the top registration provider to click on the domain name attribution,

Here we can select "Other Suppliers" and click "Next"

Okay, now we're done with the initial submission of the domain name application.

The next step is to enter the key steps in the application process:

First step to verify domain name ownership

Step two to set the MX record

In fact, the purpose of these operations is to Tencent to prove that you have the right to manage the domain name

At present, the QQ domain name mailbox supports 2 kinds of authentication methods, the user chooses any kind of method to verify the domain name ownership can

Here is a brief description of the 2 authentication methods

1. HTML confirmation File Verification method

This approach is more suitable for professionals, requiring that the domain name must have Web service support for the Web site,

First you need to download the authentication file Qqmail_domain_verify.txt and place it in the root directory of the Web server that the domain name points to.

Ensure that the http://domain name is/qqmail_domain_verify.txt in such a way that access to this file can be

Verify File Download Address


2. CNAME record verification method (recommended)

It's easy to operate in this way,

Only need to be in the domain name management platform According to Tencent's prompts to add a subdomain

and set CNAME record to

Here we recommend that you use the CNAME record verification method

The first step is to verify the ownership of the domain name using CNAME record authentication

Use the CNAME record to verify the ownership of the domain name, as indicated in the following illustration:

Alias (CNAME) alias host


So what we should do is add a host name

Then set CNAME record to for this subdomain

The specific actions are as follows:

Login to Http:// and then turn on "My Console"--"product management"--"Domain name management"

Click on the domain root,

In the Add Host Name option to enter the QQ mailbox provided by the string qqmail2f34df9b, click to increase the host name

Then select the new subdomain,

Select the CNAME record in the right setting preview, enter the alias and click Save

After the setup succeeds, wait a few minutes to be effective,

We can also use the CMD command to query whether the records set are valid

The specific method of operation is as follows:

Open the beginning of the lower left corner of the desktop-run cmd OK, enter the query command in the DOS command console


If the canonical name = appears as shown in the following illustration, the representative is in effect

Note: This query does not affect the records that are set to take effect

Step two to set the MX record

Similarly we follow the prompts for the domain name root (Oray management platform displayed as @)

Set MX record to with a priority of 0

After setting up, the same can be done through the cmd command nslookup–q=mx query

If you see the results show mail exchange =, the record settings are in effect

After both steps are complete, you can click submit Validation

Verification through, the system prompts the domain name mailbox has been opened

If you need to customize the domain name mailbox login Address

You can add a domain and set CNAME record as

See the figure below for specific actions

First in the domain name management to add a subdomain

Then choose a good sub domain name, click on the right side of the settings preview, select CNAME record

Enter CNAME alias as

After the set record is in effect, you can access the QQ domain name mailbox login interface directly via

Wish you all a happy use!

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