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In all aspects of knowledge management, knowledge base, as the storage and management center of knowledge, plays a very important role and is the key to the smooth operation of knowledge management. How can we effectively operate the knowledge base? How to effectively operate the knowledge base: the value of knowledge lies in its use value, and the value of knowledge base also lies in its use value. For enterprises, it is absolutely waste and useless to build a bottle-shaped knowledge base with little practical value. The application of knowledge management is based on the enterprise's process system. It uses objective management and performance appraisal to drive organizations and individuals to apply knowledge to create value. In this process, the most fundamental thing is that, through the knowledge base, the individual learns the knowledge and personal growth to improve their abilities, thus improving the efficiency and quality of Process Operation and increasing value creation. Therefore, the core of knowledge base applications lies in the improvement of personal capabilities. Only by improving the capabilities of all personnel can the knowledge management of enterprises improve their competitive advantages as a whole, the knowledge base can be widely supported and applied only to all personnel. However, due to different positions and division of responsibilities within an enterprise, the requirements for knowledge may vary, and the knowledge and content involved may vary depending on the positions and capabilities of different personnel. How can we track and evaluate the application of the knowledge base and the effect of the application by everyone in the Enterprise? Through the combination of enterprise knowledge base and personal knowledge base, we can achieve this goal well. In the enterprise knowledge base, as the core database of enterprise knowledge, it should contain all the knowledge required in the enterprise's operation, and can meet the knowledge requirements of all positions in the enterprise. The Personal Knowledge Base focuses on the knowledge that individuals need in different positions of the enterprise. At the same time, in the enterprise knowledge base, due to new changes in the enterprise's operation at any time, it may not be possible to release the enterprise's required knowledge in a short period of time, therefore, an expert committee is required in the enterprise knowledge base to promptly meet the knowledge requirements that are not currently available in the enterprise knowledge base. The relationship between the enterprise knowledge base and the personal knowledge base is closely related and interdependent. The enterprise knowledge base is the storage and management center for all enterprise knowledge. The personal knowledge base is designed for personal positions and career development requirements. The Enterprise Knowledge Base continuously distributes the content feedback required by the personal knowledge base to the personal knowledge base. The knowledge required by the personal knowledge base is achieved through access and help to the enterprise knowledge base. The enterprise knowledge base is separated from the personal knowledge area, so that we can carefully assess and evaluate the knowledge application of each person. The first is to be able to directly evaluate the knowledge required by the Personal Knowledge Base Based on different positions, providing clear knowledge requirements for each person's job requirements. At the same time, the degree and application of each person's knowledge in the personal knowledge base can be fed back through the individual's performance appraisal. Through performance appraisal, we can clearly assess whether each person has mastered the knowledge required by his/her position, and whether he/she has applied the knowledge to improve his/her ability to complete the appraisal indicators. At the same time, separating the Personal Knowledge reservoir area can also provide a clear context for each person's self-improvement and career development, and help each person set a reasonable and scientific career development direction for themselves, and provides the best learning platform for everyone. Therefore, it is not enough for an enterprise to establish a knowledge base. It is necessary to combine the establishment of a personal knowledge base with the enterprise knowledge base through IT technology to effectively operate the knowledge base, to maximize the value.

of course, this process involves how to create valuable knowledge and the enterprise knowledge base and expert committee, management and operations of the personal knowledge base, and how to match it effectively integrates technologies.

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