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bluetooth headset matching before, to ensure full power, generally to charge more than 2.5 hours before the line.

If it is a newly bought headset, has not been connected with other devices, the headset will have voice prompts, automatic search can be paired with the device. At this point to the mobile phone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to open Bluetooth.

Then on the phone and other devices to open the detection, that is, can detect the nearby Bluetooth signal. Then search the nearby Bluetooth signal, search the Bluetooth headset (usually displays the model of the Bluetooth headset), click on the connection. If prompted to enter a password, the general default is 0000, enter the password confirmed that the successful connection.

If the Bluetooth headset has been paired before, you will need to manually pair it if you want to replace the other mobile device. Although different Bluetooth headset keys are different, but the same function. After the multifunction key is found, press and hold the multifunction key 8 seconds after the headset is turned off, and the red and green LEDs blink alternately, indicating that the Bluetooth headset has entered the pairing state, then the mobile phone searches for the Bluetooth signal and then connects.

If the phone and headset Bluetooth protocol are 2.1 versions and above, the connection will not need to enter the password. Select the pairing directly after the Bluetooth pairing Request Prompt box appears.

If the Bluetooth headset and mobile device paired successfully, when the Bluetooth headset boot, while the mobile device turned on Bluetooth, the Bluetooth headset blue display light flashing slowly, indicating that the Bluetooth headset and mobile devices automatically paired connection successfully. When the phone calls, click the Bluetooth Headset's multi-function button to answer the phone.

A common Bluetooth headset can be paired with a 5--8 device, but it can only be connected to two devices at a time.

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