How to play with Lian Meng every day, Lian Meng Brush High Score strategy

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1. Open QQ, click "dynamic" at the bottom of the screen, and then click "Game Center", as shown in the figure.

2. In the game center, find "love" and click "Download", as shown in the figure.

3. The App Store download page is automatically displayed. Click "install for free", as shown in the following figure.

4. Enter the password of the Apple ID and click "OK" to continue, as shown in the figure below.

5. After the download and installation are complete, open QQ and go to the game center. Click "Start", as shown in the following figure.

6. Go to the QQ authorization page and click "authorize and log on", as shown in the figure below.

7. After successful authorization, the system will return to the home page of the connected game. Here, we will take playing with nearby players as an example. Click the "nearby players" icon on the home page of the game, you can see the ranking of "every day" nearby, as shown in the figure.

Note: If the mobile phone does not enable the location service, open the service. If the system prompts whether to allow the location service to be accessed by Lian Meng on a daily basis, click allow.

8. If you want to send a message to someone nearby, click select one, as shown in the following figure.

9. Then, click the "drop text to TA" button, as shown in the figure.

10 then the system will automatically generate a message. Of course, you can manually modify the information to be sent and click "send. In this way, you can exchange information with people nearby, as shown in the figure.

11. Click "more" in the lower right corner of the nearby user interface, as shown in the figure below.

12 here, you can screen nearby users, such as girls, boys, and people who say hello nearby, as shown in the figure.

13. Click "people calling nearby" to view the person who sent a small note to himself, as shown in the figure below.


Every day after the elimination of love, every day even Meng again. It is also a three-game of WeChat platform. At that time, everyone will be too busy to score points. When you mention the bonus points, you have to score the auxiliary artifact-the master of the pancake game. This cheating software can also be used by Lian Meng every day. The following small series will provide you with a helper strategy for every day, that is, using the pancake game master to score.

PS: the auxiliary pancake modifier for refreshing images every day only supports Android, which is not applicable to IOS users.

Tips on how to use the cake-burning game master to perform bonus points

Step 1: Download the pancake Game Master

Step 2: Open the pancake game master and enable the time Shuttle.

After starting the game, press the translucent gamepad icon on the screen, call out the time Shuttle, and set the speed to "-2 ", in this way, the time speed of the game is much slower, and the performance score of the combo can be better obtained in the game. When the game ends, you can press the red box button to adjust the original speed.

It's that simple, so players can enter the game! As long as the players are patient, all the scores are a piece of cake. However, this method is a means of cheating. Since it is a game, the most important thing is to experience the joy of the game itself.

High score in classic mode

1. Open the pancake and enter the game.
2. It is best to disable automatic pause and the insurance has timed out. Start the game, first remove a group, and then search for 600. About 30 pieces of data will be generated.
3. Deselect all selected items, modify 2500000 for each two or three selected items, and then delete the selected data if the score changes by 2500000, select two or three of the following items, and check that the group changes to 2500000. This speed is faster. After all, it only takes 60 seconds.
4. When the game is over, the game will reach 2500000.
PS: likes are only used in classic mode.
The above is all the secret content that I want to introduce to you today. I hope this secret will help more players to earn higher scores.

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