How to practise typing in English writing articles & how to use the left hand to hold the mouse in the right hand

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Part1:how to practise your typing via writing a 中文版 blog

It's easy to write 中文版 for Chinese. Because currently we have chinglish actually.

In the other words, with chinglish, you don ' t need to perfectly correct in 中文版 syntax. You can just type what's think, think what do you want to write it done.

For a pre-programmer, normally he need to coding, and coding require typing. Typing fast doesn ' t means coding faster, but at least you won't interrupt by seeking the location of the key you want. There is an advantage for Chinese user in programming, because it directly to type, they don ' t need a extension layer for Input/output, such like input method for Chinese.

Also, typing in 中文版 and writing a such blog is good to practise your ability of expressing in 中文版 logic. This is both good for normal Chinese thinking and programming thinking.

However, it doesn ' t mean I am suggest all the people to does in the this. It just suitable for kind of these people:

1. Low typing speed of phyiscal keyboard

2. Poor 中文版 for expressing

3. Both above

IF One day we programming does not require 中文版 anymore or massive typing with QWERTY keyboard, just forget Said above.

Part2: Why do I use my left mouse?

For left-handers, this is natural, but not universal. For example, for left-handers, most still play RTS games with their right hand (which may change the keys).

With the left hand or alternating hands, to ease the long right wrist joint strain. Similarly, sitting for a long time should also get up and walk, can also stand office (see the situation

The use of left hand-held mouse, in general, does reduce the efficiency of the operation, but the relative, useless inertia operation will be reduced, the loss of efficiency is not very small.

As for some of the idea that the left hand can exercise the right brain, I think it can be ignored. The main or the right hand is not necessary to keep working for a long time. Mechanical operation

PART3: summary

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, keep trying and make mistakes until there are fewer errors. Mistakes can not be avoided, you can not be blind to the first success, it is impossible to a right-handed left hand with the mouse will not click the wrong key.

Let it crash is the core idea of Erlang fault tolerance. The exact words are these four sentences:

-The world is concurrent
-Things in the Wold don ' t share data
-Things communicate with messages
-Things Fail

The last sentence is the embodiment of let it crash. People have birth and death, the process also has a corresponding lifetime. It's unrealistic not to make mistakes.

ref = Baidu Search: Joe Armstrong Zhihu

How to practise typing in English writing articles & how to use the left hand to hold the mouse in the right hand

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