How to print and preview multiple pages in Silverlight

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Some problems were encountered during SL printing in the project some time ago. Sl does not support Automatic Multi-page printing and requires self-writing methods. For example, to print a table, the text needs to be paged, there is also the issue of precise text paging interception (for example, how to intercept phrases or English words by string), as well as the print preview function. At that time, the headers were all big, fortunately, all kinds of problems have been solved, and I have also communicated with the SL Development Team via email. Thank you very much for writing this article.ArticleThe purpose is to tell you that SL can be automatically printed on multiple pages. If online printing is not feasible or vague, there is no specific solution.

Test implementation of the Silverlight printing function written by myselfCode, Hope you can expand and optimize it !, Welcome to discuss with you questions about SL enterprise applications ....

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