How to properly install the ADM video driver for the WIN8 system

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1. Open the Control Panel to see if the AMD video driver has been installed. If it's installed, make sure you download the driver installation version that corresponds to the system you are currently using, as well as 32bit and 64bit.

2, install AMD drive or upgrade drive, must first completely uninstall the old drive, otherwise some features will not take effect. (When installing the Ghost system, the system defaults to install the universal driver may not be compatible with your notebook computer)

3, open the Control Panel, find the AMD driver has been installed, right click-Change, enter the AMD graphics driver installation program.

4, click Next-Quick Uninstall-next.

5, after unloading point finish, and then restart the computer.

Note: If the "Intel HD Graphics" (or the Chinese "Intel (R) Core graphics driver") software is included in the "uninstall program", it is also uninstalled together, this is the integrated graphics driver. If an Intel (R) Monitor Audio driver is also uninstalled, this is the HDMI HD audio output driver.

6, uninstall complete, first right click on the desktop "Computer" icon, click "Management", click "Device Manager", in any one of the devices right click Select "Scan hardware Changes", after the "display adapter" item should see two "Standard VGA video device." If this name is not indicated there are driver loading, right click Device, choose Uninstall, uninstall when prompted whether to delete the driver software, check, and then follow the prompts. The following figure:

Also check the "sound, video and game controllers" under the "Intel (R) Monitor Audio" device, if any, also right click Uninstall, uninstall the attention to check "Remove this device driver software."

or download-install Driversweeper and then use driver sweeper This software to clean up the AMD driver-related. As shown, restart the computer after all clear.

7, after the restart to find you download compatible with your own model of the graphics driver (recommended to their own computer brand of the official website download) Right click-as an administrator to run the download good driver.

After downloading the completed file, if it is self-extracting format file, double-click to open to automatically unzip. After the decompression is complete, if the automatic installation interface does not appear, please open the extracted folder (the default extract to the current folder), find the "Setup.exe" program. Then install according to the prompts.

8, you can choose the rapid installation (recommended to choose "Custom" installation method, confirm that the installation of the project is all tick-selected.) )

9. After installation, right mouse click on computer desktop-configure interchangeable display card.

10, the need to run the software into high-performance, video card operation and then point application. is done.


1, must be unloaded after the residual AMD files clean, you can use software, you can manually find.

2, the installation of the driving recommendations must be to the brand machine official download.

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