How to QQ automatic Welt hidden and Win7 window automatically maximize conflict

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Windows7 in order to improve the user experience, the mouse window to enhance the function of drag and drop operation. If we use the mouse to drag a program window to the left or right side of the desktop, this program window will automatically be 50% width on the left or right side of the desktop display, convenient lateral alignment; If you drag the program window to the top of the desktop, you can automatically maximize the window, drag again and again will restore the original window size, This is similar to the mouse double-click window title bar in earlier versions of Windows.

In Microsoft News Group to see a problem: QQ is very familiar with the commonly used instant messaging software, its main panel uses similar Windows side bar design, so many people are accustomed to setting up QQ main panel automatic hiding, so that the desktop remain refreshing. In earlier versions of Windows, we just opened the QQ main panel automatic hiding, with the mouse will QQ main panel up, in the QQ main panel contact to the top of the desktop can be realized automatically hidden.

However, in Windows7, this function of QQ and the window automatically maximize conflict. When we pull the QQ main panel to the top of the desktop, just a little bit faster will activate the function of Windows 7, the QQ main panel to maximize the whole; Therefore, we must carefully to the QQ main panel slowly drag up, in the QQ main panel just contact the top of the desktop immediately let go, QQ main panel can not " The Windows 7 window is maximized to achieve automatic hiding. This is a technical work for users, while testing the accuracy of the mouse.

Originally, the QQ main panel as long as its window title bar contact to the top of the desktop can immediately adsorption and automatically hidden; Windows 7 window maximization is when the mouse arrow has been dragged to the top of the desktop to maximize the drag window. As a result of drag-and-drop mouse arrow and QQ main panel of the top number of some of the high difference, so as long as the drag-and-drop carefully, only the window to touch the top of the desktop, not to the top of the mouse arrows, you can not activate Windows 7 window to maximize.

So there are four ways to solve this problem:

1, through the QQ main Menu "Settings"-"System Settings"-"Basic Settings", Cancel the "main panel automatically hidden", completely off the QQ main panel automatically hidden. This approach obviously does not solve the problem at all, and can even be said that there is no way;

2, with Windows 7, easy Access Center-make the mouse easier to use, select "Prevent Windows from moving to the edge of the screen automatically arrange Windows", turn off Windows 7 Automatic window maximization. Specifically, see the "Windows7 FAQ: Form move to screen edge automatic arrangement", this article also attached to the solution of this problem.

3, pull up when not to hold the QQ main panel title bar, but hold down the QQ main panel down the position, as far as possible to stay some of the high difference, drag and drop only make QQ main panel contact the top of the desktop, do not make the mouse arrow contact to the top of the desktop can be.

4, upgrade to QQ SP6, solve this problem.

Attached below Win7 to cancel Window Welt automatic Arrangement window--

In fact, the WINDOWS7 system itself is to provide a disabling method, of course, you can also use the Windows7 optimization master of the landscaping master to set up, the specific method is as follows-

Method one, use Windows7 optimization master's beautification master:

Check the "Close Windows7 window near the edge of the screen automatically maximize function", note the prompt, log off or restart the computer after the entry into force.

Method Two: Click on the Windows Start button, in the Start menu in the Search box to enter "Turn off automatic window arrangement"--

This opens a form that is easier to use with the mouse, and check the position shown in the picture to determine

The diagram above will automatically arrange windows to prevent Windows from moving to the edge of the screen.

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