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The following uses port 80 as an example, if you want to know other port numbers, you can also use this method ..........................

1. In windows, how does one view port 80 usage? Which process is occupied? How to terminate.
Here we mainly use the dostool in windows. Click "start" -- "run", enter "cmd", and click "OK" to enter the DOS window. Then run the following commands:
> Netstat-aon | findstr "80"
Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
========================================================== ======
Port 80 is occupied by a program with process number 1688.
> Tasklist | findstr" 1688"
Image name PID session name session # memory usage
========================================================== ======================================
Inetinfo.exe 1688 Console 0 2,800 K
Obviously, inetinfooccupies 80 ports. inetinfo.exe is mainly used to support debugging of Microsoft Windows IIS network services. This program is very important to the normal operation of your system.
Of course, the inetinfo.exe process only occupies port 80, which is only the case on my machine. if you do not know what the process is for, do not blindly kill it, it is best to search Baidu or Google first; of course, if you know it well, and are sure you can terminate, continue with the following command.
> Taskkill, pid 1688, and F
Successful: processes with a PID of 1688 have been terminated.
Worker is the image name in the task manager. Select it and click "End Process)
> Tasklist | findstr" 1688"
Confirm whether the command is successfully terminated. If the command is successfully terminated, an empty value is returned.
2. How can I check port 80 usage in linux? Which process occupies TB? How to terminate
Check whether the port is occupied. The process occupies the port in two ways: 1. netstat-anl | grep "80"; 2. lsof-I: 80
Process Termination method: kill pid

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