How to quickly increase the PR value of the new site

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Let's talk about the development process of my blog during this period:

Now I guess why my blog's PR value is soaring:

1. Because I have fewer articles at first, but I have more reposts, I may calculate that my website has a higher authority based on the algorithm.

The above is just my own guess, for the majority of webmaster reference. I am lucky. The encouragement at the beginning gave me strong confidence. I spent a lot of time posting seo articles on my blog, including optimization in various aspects and regular posts, my blog's browser views and weights are constantly increasing. Now I have exchanged links with some famous bloggers. I believe that my blog will get better and better. Baidu's indexing has basically removed the recording of previous movie websites, and the indexing of blogs has gradually increased. I believe that soon, my blog will definitely take a step soon

2. When I officially opened my blog, I regularly uploaded some soft articles I wrote and some programs to some very authoritative pr websites such as chinaz and admin5, then I was reposted many times, increasing the number of external links in my blog.


3. The website is updated in a timely manner. Due to my long-term accumulated learning experience, I can post one or two original articles every day during that time without having to wait for a long time after an update.

4. Because of the original basis and external links, google often pays close attention to my blog, but the reasons for the meta tag are not included. This is like a person who is thirsty, clearly there is a reservoir of water in front of me, but it cannot be moved. Once I open the gate, google will be crazy, after I removed the meta tag, all the articles and keywords on my blog were included.

My website was opened around late May, but it was a movie website. After more than a decade, Baidu and google have some records, but at that time I decided not to make a movie and concentrate on my blog. It takes about June 10 to start a blog. However, after a while, my blog has not been indexed by google, but Baidu has begun to record it. This I am very strange, finally found that there is a meta mark in the web page does not allow inclusion (want to know why the meta Mark restricted my blog, please refer to here ), after removing the meta tag on the 20th or so, google began to include it in two days. In the pr value change on June 24, my blog's pr was promoted to 5. that's exactly 15 days.

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