How to quickly repair Win7 computer system?

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System problems can be commonplace, although not often encountered, but the occasional appearance is also very normal, then the system problems to do? Is it better to pay for repairs in the repair shop or do it yourself? In fact, some of the small problems of the system, to solve their own, to facilitate a lot, today, small series to introduce the Win7 32-bit system problems, how we want to quickly repair!

First of all, to repair the system, small set to recommend that you first of your computer in the important files for backup, whether it is not a system disk, we'd better have backups, do not believe what the so-called reload system will not involve other disks, if there is an accident, it is useless to regret. Backup is simple, let's not do too much introduction.

1. If there is a security guard or antivirus software friends, it is recommended that the computer's disk cleaning, disk debris cleanup before the small series has been introduced before, very practical, which is also caused by one of the causes of system crashes. After cleaning the system garbage, but also the software can be completed, effortless.

2. Software can clean up the garbage has been cleaned up, but some files, but need to manually clean, such as the AppData folder in C disk, may only open "Show hidden files, folders and drives" to see the file, this file is useless, you can delete; There is also a temp folder in the C disk Windows folder, which is also cleaned out.

3. After the completion of the above operation, we can try to focus on the computer to continue to press F8 into the Advanced Settings window to repair the system

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