How to realize wireless router signal enhancement

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How multiple wireless routers implement a WDS bridge chain

When you build two wireless router WDS, you must first make sure that both wireless routers support the WDS feature. Also note that it is best to use the same brand of wireless routers, to avoid incompatibility, reduce unnecessary trouble.

Netgear Router MAC address, you can view the bar code on the back of the device, or in the management interface of the "router state" view, "LAN Port" under the MAC address, that is the Mac used for relay.

Tip: Get the wireless router MAC address is actually quite simple, you can directly login to the corresponding wireless router to obtain, you can also directly in the wireless router shell on the mark on the view, of course, wireless router manual also has. The easiest thing to do is to look at the label on the wireless router's shell.

Wireless Router WDS relay Setup Guide

One: First login wireless Router a management interface settings, click the Install-> Wireless setting on the left menu. If the router's default wireless channel is auto (automatic), you must first change the channel to a fixed value, typically using 1, 6, or 11 wireless channels.

Hint: The wireless network identification default Netgear, can also use the number and letter combination arbitrarily named, relay two wireless routers, the SSID can be the same, can also be different. If you want the wireless client to roam in the range of two wireless routers, set the SSID to the same (about wireless router roaming you can understand here, you can switch to choose to connect to different wireless routers to get the wireless signal, of course, we generally choose from their nearest wireless router connection).

Two: The following figure in the wireless router a management interface, click on the left menu of Advanced-> Wireless relay function, set relay:

As shown above, the settings are described as follows:

1. Hook up before "Enable wireless relay function";

2. Choose to fill out the MAC address of the B router in "Repeater MAC address 1";

3. If a router itself does not need to provide wireless coverage, then in the "Prohibit wireless Client access" before the hook, otherwise do not have to tick.

After setting, click "Apply" to finish.

Before the setup is complete, the B router is not connected to the LAN, only one computer wired to a LAN port on the B router. Also use the default address to login to the admin interface of B, as in step one, modify the wireless channel to 1 (if 6 or 11,b is selected in step one and be consistent with a).

Third: Enter the wireless Router B management interface, click on the left menu of Advanced-> Wireless relay function, set up relay, the following figure:

As shown above, the wireless Router B management interface is set as follows:

1. Hook up before "Enable wireless relay function";

2. Select "Wireless Repeater" mode, in "Reference workstation MAC Address", fill in the MAC address of a router;

3. When working in the "Wireless Repeater" mode, the wireless router becomes a common wireless AP, "Repeater IP Address", you can arbitrarily assign the LAN idle IP address, as the wireless AP management address, For example, in the future, if you want to log in to the device's management interface, you need to use this new IP address, rather than the default, please pay attention to this point!

Verify that wireless router A and wireless router B are successfully relayed to WDS

In general, if you follow the normal settings above you can implement relay between two wireless routers, but in order to ensure normal, we still need to check, through the following methods can also be more intuitive to verify the success of the relay, the following methods.

How to implement wireless router signal enhancement? First we will be a computer wired to connect a LAN port B routing, see whether access to a routing of the management interface. If it can be accessed, the surface relay succeeds. If you can not access, please follow the steps above to troubleshoot, mainly check the wireless settings in the region, mode, channel and other parameters are consistent and so on, but also better to troubleshoot.

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