How to remotely manage hyper-V server R2 SP1 configuration in the Working Group Environment win 7 (3)

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InHow to remotely manage hyper-V server R2 SP1 configuration in the Working Group Environment win 7 (2)At the end of the article, an error is reported:

GenerallyHvremote. WSFThis error is not reported after the script configuration instruction file hvremote documentation is operated. The reason why "general" is emphasized here is that an error is still reported, so you are lucky! We can further explore the causes and learn more... When an error is reported, it indicates that the RPC service is related. As for what RPC is, it is worth studying. I believe that it pro often encounters the so-called RPC service unavailable in daily application and service deployment, this is a headache. To solve the above error, follow these steps:

1. First, go to the % SystemRoot % \ system32 \ drivers \ etc directory (% SystemRoot % is the Windows directory of the system, such as C: \ Windows) and copy the hosts file under the etc directory, edit the copied hosts file and add a line of resolution for the IP address and name of the hyper-V server, for example:

Add the hyper-v ip address to the host file, copy the changed file to the % SystemRoot % \ system32 \ drivers \ etc directory, and overwrite the original file. Why do you need to copy the changes and overwrite them, because direct changes cannot be saved, and the special properties of the hosts file play a role. (The host file is used for local parsing. when accessing the network, you first need to find the local hosts file. If there is a record, you can directly access it. If there is no record, you can submit it to DNS for further access. This process is generally the case)

2. After the above operations, we can use the remote management tool RSAT of win7 to connect to the hyper-V server for remote virtual machine operation management. For details, see the normal status:

For normal connection status, you can create and manage related virtual machines. Two virtual machines have been created on hyper-V. After changing the hosts file and managing the connection properly, the original reasons are as follows: the remote management tool of win7 manages hyper-V based on the DNS service. Without the DNS service, directly changing the hosts file is a more direct method.


So farHow to remotely manage hyper-V server R2 SP1 configuration in the Working Group Environment win 7Coming to an end...

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