How to remove DRM protection from Kindle books

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How to remove DRM protection from Kindle books

As we all know, the accounts of Central Asia and the United States and Asia are not interoperable, that is to say, if we buy a genuine Kindle ebook from both China Amazon and US Amazon, it is impossible to read on the same Kindle device (the same as the Kindle app).

There are two ways to solve this problem.

One is that we can switch accounts to achieve the purpose of sharing books, but this method has a lot of problems, the Kindle phone app can not directly select the region to log in, you must switch the system language to the corresponding Central Asia or the United States and Asia account, while switching accounts, the previous account of the book will be erased. While switching accounts on the Kindle will keep books on the previous account, frequent account switching at the same speed as the Kindle device is costly and laborious.

The second option is to download or export the purchased Kindle book directly, and then use the email to push it to the specified account. This method is relatively convenient, and we can download the purchased ebook directly from the Amazon website, or we can export it directly from the device. But it's not that simple, and all of the e-books on the Kindle are DRM-protected and can never be opened directly to the Kindle.

At this point, we are asked to hack DRM, which is the subject of this article.

This method is only used for the purchase of the original books, and only for my reading, do not use for pirated electronic books.

Get ebook

First, we first get the AZW or AZW3 format ebook that needs to be cracked, in total there are three ways.

First, download from the Amazon website

Sign in to the Amazon website and select Manage my content and devices from my account in the top right corner.

Then, select the book you want to download from, click on the "..." button in "Action" and select "Download USB transfer via PC".

Then, in the pop-up window, select click "Download" to save the ebook locally.

Second, use the Kindle desktop to download

First, go to the official website to download the Kindle desktop software and install it.

Once the installation is complete, sign in to your Amazon account, then download the ebook you want to hack, find it from the store path of your ebook, and copy it to your desktop (or other directory you want).

The Kindle for Windows e-Book Storage path is: C:\Users\你的用户名\Documents\My Kindle Content .

The e-book storage path for the Kindle for MAC is: /Users/你的用户名/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content .

using this method, the name of the ebook is generated by the application itself, similar B00FF3JVAC_EBOK.azw to the difficulty of identifying it.

Third, copy directly from the Kindle device

Use the USB cable to connect the Kindle to your computer, find the corresponding Kindle directory, and locate the file in AZW or AZW3 format in the Documents folder under it, and copy it out.

Remove DRM from Kindle ebook

Decoding DRM is actually very simple, only need to use the Dedrm_tools tool, this tool is open source, can be downloaded directly on GitHub.

This tool provides two ways to hack DRM, the first is to directly use the MAC or Windows application it provides, and the second is to use the Calibre plugin and hack with Calibre.

The second method is recommended here, because the first method also requires the Kindle serial number, which is more cumbersome.

Installing Calibre Applications

Calibre is an open source e-Book management application that can be consulted on its website for detailed information. Installation method is also very simple, directly on the official website to download the installation files, and installation can be.

Install a plug-in that removes DRM protection

Calibre is a plug-in support, and it also has a plugin repository for easy installation of various plugins. However, Calibre itself does not support the removal of DRM, and the official plugin repository does not provide this plugin.

Download the latest Zip package to Dedrm_tools releases, unzip it, DeDRM_tools_6.5.4/DeDRM_calibre_plugin have a readme document in the directory, and a calibre plugin package .

Open Calibre, click Preferences (Mac shortcut, cmd +,), and click "Plugins" in "Advanced options". Next, click "Load plugin from File" and select the installation you just unzipped . Calibre will have some security warnings, choose ignore directly, and go the next step.

After installation, you need to restart the calibre

Using plugins

After installing the plug-in, the AZW or azw3 file that will be cracked directly is added to the Calibre. The plugin automatically converts the DRM-protected files into the original format.

With the original format of the file, whether it is pushed to your Kindle device, or using Calibre to convert it to epub or txt format is no problem.

Other ways

In addition to using the Calibre plug-in, DEDRM also offers applications for MAC and Windows, and we can also use them directly for DRM cracking.

However, both applications need to use the Kindle device serial number, which can be found directly in the system information in the device. Different versions of the Kindle are not the same, but they are basically found in the "settings" to see "Device Information".

With the serial number, you can open the application, and make the relevant configuration, the process is relatively simple, here is not detailed.

Again, this article, only for personal purchase of genuine books for reference use. Do not use for the dissemination of pirated books, support genuine, everyone is responsible!

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How to remove DRM protection from Kindle books

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