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The new headset sounds good. However, it is always unsatisfactory to use the same type of ear plug as a friend for a period of time. The bass is tight and stiff, the sound is soft and plump, And the burrs of the treble are full. Why? Because this new headset has not been renewed!

So what is headset? We all know that new cars and machines must go through a stage called "Running-in" before they can be used normally, so that internal mechanical devices can fully coordinate and cooperate with each other and enter the optimal state in advance. Similarly, the pushing unit of the earphone (The speaker inside the earphone) is also a mechanical device, which should be a combination of semi-mechanical and semi-electronic, it is mainly composed of sound rings, shock films, positioning rings (metal rings with fixed shock films), etc. The mechanical part belongs to a smoothing System, including the shock film and the sound ring fixed on the shock film. The Shun element can be equivalent to the capacitance in the electronic element. The capacitor stores electric energy, and the shock film and sound ring stores kinetic energy. The single-element smoothness of headphones is equivalent to the parallel value of the two capacitors of the shock film and sound ring, which is the key to determining the sound quality. The materials used by the shock film and sound ring are high-shun materials. The internal molecular structure of the shock film is unstable at the initial stage, so the smoothness is unstable, when switching to a speaker unit, its smoothness is usually relatively small (usually intuitive understanding is still relatively stiff), because the molecular structure is relatively stable. After a long period of motion, the distance between molecules increases, and the distribution uniformity increases. The overall smoothness of the speaker is also increased. The most important value of the speaker is the minimum resonance frequency, the professional name is F0. This value basically determines the minimum frequency that the speaker can achieve. It depends on the equivalent quality and equality of the speaker, because the speaker is a mechanical resonance system equivalent to a resonance circuit on a circuit, the frequency of the resonance circuit depends on the inductance (equivalent mass of the speaker) and the capacitance size, the fo size and inductance are inversely proportional to the capacitor size. Therefore, the greater the speaker's smoothness, the lower the f0 value, and the better the low-frequency potential. The change of smoothness leads to a global launch, and all the mechanical data of the speaker will change. For example, the mechanical quality factor of the speaker, therefore, the mechanical quality factor is reduced, which is equivalent to sound soft. Therefore, the new headphones are relatively weak in low-frequency dive, small in volume, and stiff. The mid-frequency performance is not soft enough, and there are symptoms such as high-frequency glitches and too acute. (Of course, this is also determined by the quality of the headset itself ). After a period of time, the smoothness (or elasticity) of the speaker unit will increase, and the front and back movements will be easy, so that the sound will be full and easy, and the sound quality will be better.

So, how do I buy headphones? In the past, a very simple method was adopted, that is, to directly connect to the radio and adjust it to a radio-less frequency, and use the radio to make the headset work for a long time, to achieve the effect of the host. However, this method is not obvious. It is better to simply put on headphones and listen to music. It also uses a dedicated frequency generator to generate a fixed or Scan Frequency and then input it to the headset for renewal. This method has obvious effects and can shorten the time used. But most players do not have such an instrument. What should I do? In what way is the most efficient way to encrypt headphones? Today, with the rapid development of computers, many enthusiasts have developedProgramThe computer is used to process waveforms and frequencies, and the sound card is used for output to achieve the effects of some real-time instruments. This is the so-called "virtual instruments ". There are many frequency testing software similar to this. I am using a software called test tone generator, which is easy to use and has specific functions and is small in size. The following describes how to use it to encrypt headphones.

Generally, the host uses low frequency. Therefore, you only need to set the TTG to a low frequency. There are two methods: one is to use a fixed frequency output, and the other is to use a scan frequency. The merge machine method with almost fixed frequency effects is to input a value for the frequency of the constant tone output at a fixed frequency, which is generally 20 to 50, and select the loop, duration time is not so called. The waveform is obtained with a sine (sine wave) of 0 dB, and then you can plug in the headset on the sound card to make it work for a long time.

The scan frequency method is to use the initial frequency in the Scan Frequency (sweep) to enter the Start frequency, and the end frequency in the final frequency. Generally, I think it is more appropriate to enter the end frequency from 20Hz to Hz, the duration time is the time used to set a scan, and other operations are the same as the fixed frequency. Many of my friends have asked me why I only offer low frequencies. In fact, we can see from the principle of the host machine described above why.

Pay attention to two points in the pipeline process: first, it cannot work continuously for too long! Because there is a resistor in the sound ring, it will heat up after working for a long time. Otherwise, it will burn the sound ring! It is best to stop for several minutes every two hours and continue. Second, the volume must not be too large. The ear plug shock film is a very fragile material. If the volume is high, the movement of the sound ring will also be large, so as to pull the shock film violently, which will lead to loose of the sound ring, shock film deformation and even tear. Especially for the "fragile" ear plug like 888, be careful. On time, you only need to adjust the sound waves that can be clearly heard or the vibration of the air. Do not tune them too large or hear the severe vibration of the shock film. Protect your earphones with caution.
The last thing to emphasize is that not all headphones will sound better when they are too busy, which is determined by the quality of the earphones, some headphones are not very effective after the headset is switched, which is also normal. Our host machine aims to help it quickly pass through the aging adjustment period, so that the physical characteristics of its components can be stabilized. The Vibration System of unburned headphones may be relatively tight and hard. Through the host machine, the vibration system can be relaxed and the parameters also tend to be stable, so the sound quality will be better. In addition, don't think too well about the effect of the host machine. After a while, it won't be too obvious to try again. The larger the hope, the larger the disappointment. The main reason for a sound is to watch the audio source.

How to Use Ear plugs
First of all, we need several cdns, this is because the CD sound quality is currently the civil level (not practical SACD and DVD-AUDIO) can achieve the best effect of the music quality, and Dad is relatively cheap, all of the following operations take the CD player as an example. It is best to use a wide range of discs for "pot" machines. It is definitely not possible to use a general pure voice dish separately. We recommend some genuine shoes, such as Titanic, elder brother-in-law drum, and 1812 Overture. Some excellent pop music and Chinese folk music are also good choices. Next I will "boil" your ear plug.
Segment 3rd, segment 9th, and segment 10th death of titanic in the original sound CD of Titanic. Although southamton copied Beethoven's song of joy, the sound levels were very clear and the music contained a wealth of information. High voices are soft and dense, and the faint bursts of low-frequency energy give us a deep sense. This track has outstanding performance in the whole band, which is very beneficial for the comprehensive vibration of earplugs. The sinking and death of titanic not only have the same excellent full-frequency performance as the previous one, but also have better dynamic performance and sound energy, if you do not have a "pot", listen to such a song. The shock film of earplugs will suffer!
Section 4th of the original CD of the Chinese animated movie Lotus Lamp and section 13th of the Dance of the Moon Festival. Sequent: Lotus Lamp sounds gentle at the beginning, but the later the sound becomes more dynamic, the more energy it consumes. There are some vocal chorus in the middle. It should be said that it is a very good piece of music, but its bass is slightly less. The low frequency and middle female voice in the dance music of the Moon Festival are very helpful for improving the low frequency of earplugs.
The first piece of "Guess heart" in the "Rolling Stone 24k24bit Gold disc -- Wan Fang" CD is a record used by the author for sound testing. It is also a good choice to "boil" ear plugs. The first part of this song is Vocal Solo. However, at the end of the song, the instrument is becoming more and more abundant, but the whole is still gentle. "Pot" ear plug cannot always use big dynamics to "pot", but also need to make some adjustments in the middle. In addition, the voice in this track is outstanding and can be used for the audition after the end of the "pot" ear plug.
In fact, there are too many excellent tracks. Here I only recommend the tip of the iceberg!
Prepare the walkman and ear plug, and put them into the disc. The volume is larger. In order to extend the playback time, the current Walkman generally has a low output power. Users can make music worse than 90%, but it is best not to enable it) in the process of "ear plug", you need to step by step. First, use some soothing music, such as the "Guess heart" mentioned in the previous question ~ 10 hours. And then change the music that is a little "amazing", such as southamton. Continue playing for more than 10 hours, and finally the music such as the sinking and deathof Titanic, always play to the ear plug. Basically, it is "done. In order to determine the situation of ear plug "pot", users can listen to it once every 10 hours. Generally, there are some gaps in the effect. When the gap is not obvious, it can be regarded as "pot. Of course, this identification method is not very easy to implement, so you should "boil" 50 ~ It will take 100 hours. However, to achieve success, you need to constantly use the plug-in. To achieve the best effect, it usually takes about two months.

Comparison of front and back sounds
The author "pot" earplugs "pot" a lot, the most feeling is Sony (Sony) MDR-E888. This is a very advanced headset, Which is priced at around RMB 400. However, when this earplug was just bought for review, it often encountered high-pitched posts, high-frequency burrs, and other issues, making people feel that it is not worth 400 yuan. But once the MDR-E888 "pot" well, then she will emit dazzling light: soft high frequency, warm but no burr of the intermediate frequency, deep strong low frequency, I can't believe it's the same earplug. I personally think that the MDR-E888 is the most "pot" of the ear plug I have seen, which may be related to its unique biological shock film. Other earplugs also need "pot", "pot" after are mainly reflected in the low frequency elasticity is enhanced, high frequency soft sense has improved, but the results seem to be not so exaggerated MDR-E888!
"Pot" ear plug is a long process, you need to combine "pot" and the daily use of reasonable, if you can correctly "pot" your ear plug, then, I believe she will bring you different surprises!

Normally, there should be stages. It is best to use a sweep signal, and music is also acceptable,
In the first stage, around 12 hours, soft music or white noise were selected to warm up, the initial activity unit part, and the 80% volume of the voice was standardized.
Phase II 12 ~ Within 24 hours, you can select a large dynamic range of tracks to perform full-scale motion on ear plugs, and standardize the 120% volume of audio.
Stage 3 12 ~ 24 hours, after listening to earplugs, you can choose to enable the fire of the unsatisfied part of the signal, and standardize the listening of 150% ~~ 200% volume.

as long as you are patient and step by step, even the delicate earplugs are no problem at all.
In fact, it is best to warm up for about 24 hours and then start using it. About 100 hours, it will naturally be able to reach a good state, there is no need to deliberately pursue the effects of ear plug, so be careful when it is counterproductive.

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