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Author: User I am the community lenient want to do an external public website ==============
You must first ask your Community network administrator, see your IP is not fixed IP, if not, you need to use a software, name I forget, is the use of dynamic IP to build a WEB server when needed. Otherwise, every time you internet IP will have changes, others visit you will have problems.

In addition, let your community network administrator, give you on their server to make a port map, the extranet can access to your machine. Otherwise, because of the role of the Community gateway, you are separated by the gateway and extranet, extranet access you will have problems.

As for the specific costs, it depends on the community broadband in this issue is how to charge. In some places, the community is not allowed to do so. Because from the Internet management, to build a website to the relevant departments for the record. and to apply for a domain name. This is especially true for business websites. However, many places on the personal site management is not strict, may be able to do.   Let's see if you're lucky. ======== See if this is helpful to you;
Peanut shells the best effect, so ADSL dial-up dynamic IP users, to do things are:
The first step: to the peanut Shell site: a Passport, and then log in, after the login "Domain Name Service Center" in the election "registered domain name record" entry to register a "free domain name."
Step two: Download the "Peanut shell" software and install it. Note: For a fixed i (extranet) user, you can also try the first and second steps of the method, you can also go.
(ADSL dial-up Dynamic IP users here the IP is changed to: you apply for the "domain name", fixed IP (extranet) users here to the IP to your fixed IP or application "to the domain name") There is also a point to note that the IP in this file is set to "" also can, I personally feel set to, the server will start faster, more recommended here set this.
Four: Modify the IP entries in the "Connectserverlist.dat" and "ServerList.dat" files in the "CS" folder under the server directory.
(ADSL dial-up Dynamic IP users here the IP to: you apply for "domain name"; fixed IP (extranet) users here of the IP to your fixed IP or the application of the "Turn Domain Name")
V: Check the "4" and "8" two files in the "Start" directory IP, whether it is "", File "8" is the last port number is "55901" if not the change.
Sixth: Determine the client's "IP" and "Port"; (ADSL dial-up user's client IP should be "You request domain name"); (fixed IP (extranet) User Client IP should be "Your fixed IP or your request to the domain name") The client's port number should be "44405"
(At this point, the IP and port settings are complete and the service can be started. Should be able to succeed, the server side will not have an error, as for the SQL has not set up a good person, specifically to see the tutorial, the tutorial has been very detailed in the following I again, for the use of ADSL routing functions formed by the LAN (ie: Intranet) , and internet cafes within the LAN (ie: Intranet), in the IP and port to try. (Declare first: I am ADSL dial-up dynamic IP users (extranet), so, for the intranet to try, just suggestions, ideas (think of sleep), because they are not intranet, so there is no way to test, we need to study, according to the following methods, I think it should be possible. ) is as follows: (for intranet, the first is not the use of peanut shells such software)
The first step: to find the "port mapper" This software, your local area network, to do as Mu run the server's IP "map" to connect the Intenet network of devices on the IP.
(This "intenet network device IP" means: ADSL router users are the ADSL device IP, the specific is how much, their own check if you remember good IP seems to be "" bar, "intenet Network of IP" Refers to: The Internet in the Internet network of that machine ("This machine is probably everyone said host Bar") on the internet connected with the IP of the device)
"Port mapper" software I think we all should use is: Porttunnel bar, specifically to try as follows: Start "Porttunnel" in the main interface point "Add", and then in the "General" item "name" Enter a "map name" (this name casually up)
Next, enter the value "55901" in "Input port" at "bundle address" to select the IP of the machine that you want to run the server for MU and then enter "IP of intenet network device" on "output address" and then OK. This inside of the other, what "IP Security", "HTTP" and so do not choose, these places to try, I did not understand, I think not to make changes are nothing. All right! After this step, I think your machine's IP should already "map" on it.
Step two: This step is to determine whether your network device has a network firewall, and some turn it off.
The third step: is to find someone to try, if you can board this machine, that is, IIS, other people can see your homepage on the Internet. (This step needs to be noted: you tell others your address is, remember is to tell connected intenet network equipment IP, and not your native IP, and then, this step is completed, you can try to use, peanut shell or to the domain name, so find your IP will be more convenient. The next thing to do is to change the server-side file. The most prerequisite is: After you install the server-side software, no server software to the port settings, so that it remains in the initial state. If changed, put it all back to 55901, server-side do not change to 44405 this is not good, estimated to be an error. (Change these things recommend "character replacements" in the file type when used in the best use of "*.*", this is not afraid of the possibility of missing files, and in the replacement, wait a bit, lest there is a file because the speed of the machine and the speed of the search replacement has not been modified.
The specific changes are:
First: Replace the IP with "" with "character replacement"
Second: Modify the IP entries in the "IpList.dat" file under the "Data" folder in the server directory. (Here's the IP to: "Your connection intenet network device's IP")
Third: Modify the server directory under the "CS" folder under the "Connectserverlist.dat" file in the IP entry.
(Here's the IP to: "Your connection intenet network device's IP")
Another point to note is that this file in the IP set to "" also can be, I personally feel set to 127.0 0.1, the server will start faster, more recommended here set this.
Four: Modify the IP entries in the "Connectserverlist.dat" and "ServerList.dat" files in the "CS" folder under the server directory.
(Here's the IP to: "Your connection intenet network device's IP")
V: Look at the IP in the "4" and "8" two files in the "startup" directory, whether it is "" and the last port number for the file "8" is "55901"
If not, change over.
Sixth: Determine the client's "IP" and "port"; The IP of the client should be: "IP of your device connected to Intenet network"
The client's port number should be "44405"
(At this point, the IP and port settings are completed, the service can be started, should be successful, the server will not have an error, as for the SQL has not set a good person, specifically to see the tutorial, the tutorial has been very detailed)
Below I explain my view of IP "mapping" on the intranet, especially the idea of why "input port" and "output port" are set to 55901. With "Porttunnel" This software default input port "81" and the output port "80" to try to definitely not, my reason is that MU's port has been set dead, only 44405 and 55901, so set the other is certainly wrong,
However, set the service end to 44405, I think it will be the same as I do when the ADSL dial the 8th will be the error, so conservative, set to 55901 better, and whether the intranet or extranet, I recommend the server this side set to 55901, to ensure that no error. Below I repeat, for ADSL routing device IP, a small understanding of the views. I found that the ADSL routing function of the user, his ADSL device IP, seems to be: So, ADSL routing users will have to IP map to the ADSL device IP, that is, mapping to the
On the client side, IP I think should also be set to be mapped IP, namely:, Port is 44405
As a client I have an idea, the client online, found that "Wow, so many (because the ADSL routing function after the ADSL IP is, and the ADSL routing function of more than one, so, On the internet will be n a so, for the client, how it chooses, That is what it wants to enter, I think this is the time when the port is working, I think 44405 is and 55901 pair should, so, the client should only check port 55901, which excludes those not 55901 ports of the, but the net Definitely not just a port for 55901 Bar, so at this time, I think the name of the server, the client will only find the server name of the same port for 55901 of the server, hehe, however, if there are two online with the same server name, The same is port is also 55901, customers are how to find it, oh, this has not wanted to come, unknown ah, haha ~~~~~
Above these IP settings are outside the network of ip+ native IP that collocation to achieve, and the specific situation is different, if the above IP collocation method is not good, as the case change collocation mode.
However, the principle is this, the server here is full use native IP that is: words, others are absolutely impossible to see you, or even you, how can you play alone.
However, the full use of external IP server will be an error, so the use of external network ip+ native IP collocation method is feasible and effective.
What's more, if you use the above method, or can not be carried out, especially for those with fixed extranet IP, you try to replace the 8th file after the 55901 to 44405 try, but the 8th file IP will definitely move, of course, you do not move or use to try also line, I guess it will be wrong.
It's not what I wrote. I have no such talent is just for you to refer to the good.

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Fixed IP application, you can go to the telecom company, or Netcom company application.
just issue your legal credentials.
for Internet cafes, now the Internet café has at least 30 machines, then is not to give every machine to apply for a fixed IP, the answer is no. As long as the application of a fixed IP on the line, other machines with private IP sharing the application of a fixed IP machine network connection, you can access the Internet.
if the owner of the Internet café believes that sharing is not safe, then he simply uses the fixed IP to do a gateway, then it is safe.
It takes a lot of money to apply for a fixed IP. A general IP is better than thousands of. The price depends on the ISP you are applying for.

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