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When buying a computer installed, disk partitions and setting the size of the partition is generally set by the installed staff, this does not cause too many buyers attention. In general, the installation of a disk into 4 partitions, and sometimes the system partition C disk is too small, the data disk too many or C disk too much, other data disk is too small. There is even a single hard drive with all the capacity divided to the system disk. In short, the disk partition may not be reasonable, then how to solve it? The size of the hard disk partition needs to be resized, and the following are steps for partitioning the partition assistant to resize the partition.

Adjust partition instances

Task Environment:

Suppose a user's Windows 7 system has a 36GB disk with 3 partitions on it, a 100MB reserved partition e disk, the second is the system partition C disk 15.01GB, and the third is the data partition F disk 20.89GB.

Mission Objectives:

Because this system is a Windows7 system, the C disk only 15.01GB of capacity appears a bit small, so you want to adjust the system partition C disk size from 15GB to 20GB.

Operation Principle:

Since the F disk has extra space, it can divide some space from the F disk to C disk. That is, compress F to 15.90GB and enlarge C to 20GB.

Operation Steps

1, download the free section Assistant, and install to the computer, and then start it, you will see the following main interface, but also can see the C partition is the 15.01GB,F partition is 20.89GB, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2, now to reduce (that is, compressed) f to 15.90GB, on the F disk on the pop-up menu, select the "Adjust/move Partition" option, and then you will see the window shown in Figure 2, drag the left hand handle to the right to reduce the F 15.90GB.

Figure 2

3, click on the figure 2 after the confirmation will return to the main interface, and you will see the C disk after a small size of 4.99GB of unallocated space, such as Figure 3.

Figure 3

4, right click on C disk in the pop-up menu, select the "Adjust/move Partition" option as shown in Figure 4 below.

Figure 4

5, then a pop-up window will appear, drag the right side of the handle to the right until the C disk is adjusted to 20GB, as shown in Figure 5 below.

Figure 5

6, click OK, return to the main interface. Look in the list box, then the size of the C disk is 20GB, while the size of the F disk is adjusted to 15.90GB. You can see two actions to be performed on the left side of the main interface: one is to resize and move (F:), and the other is to resize (C:) the partition. As shown in Figure 6 below.

Figure 6

7, on the toolbar above figure 6, there is a "submit" button, please click on it, and then you will see the following Figure 7 dialog box. The "Execute" button will be clicked to apply these two operations to the real disk.

Figure 7

8, after the click of the implementation, the partition assistant may prompt you to reboot the computer to perform these actions under Restart mode (Preos modes), click "Yes" to perform in restart mode, but the restart mode is an English interface, and figure 8 below is the partition assistant's execution status in reboot mode:

Figure 8

After the reboot, the size of the C disk has been adjusted to 20GB. Not all operations need to be performed in restart mode, only for individual operations. The partitioning assistant adjusts the partition size operation more flexibly, and its other features such as copying disks, replicating partitions, and so on can help you manage the disks in your computer more easily. If you want to add capacity for NTFS partitions, you can use the Extended Partition Wizard to do this.

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