How to resolve mail domain names

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Email domain name resolution

If the self-built email system wants to receive emails from other mailboxes, it needs to resolve the Domain Name of the mailbox. To set domain name resolution, you generally need to log on to the website of the domain name provider that registered the domain name, such as hichina and xinnet. The following uses as a common domain name resolution website. The email domain name (that is, the domain name used by the email address [email protected]) as an example to describe the operation process of domain name resolution.


Generally, a record and MX record must be set for the domain name of the self-built email system. The procedure is as follows:

1. log on to with your registered account and password.

2. Select the domain name to be configured for domain name resolution and go to domain name management:

3. Add record:

4. Add a record:

Host record is mail, record type is A, record value is the mail server's public IP address, save.

5. Add MX record:

Host record is blank, record type is MX, record value is the added a record "", save.

TIPS: Do not forget the last point of "". It indicates that the Domain Name Record value ends at. net.

At this point, the mail domain name resolution settings are complete. You can run the following command on the command line to check whether domain name resolution is effective and correct. The red word is the input command, and the blue word is the result of the check:

C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Matt> NSLookup

Default Server:


> // check the record



Non-Authoritative Answer:



// A record value


> Set type = Mx // check MX records


> // enter the email domain name






Non-Authoritative Answer: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = // MX record value nameserver = nameserver = Internet address =


If mail exchanger = is found in the MX record, the record value is not added after the MX record is set.



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