How to resolve winxp/win7 file cannot exchange visits

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1. Firewall is closed

If you cannot see each other between Windows 7 and Windows XP, first insist that the firewall is closed.

Turn off the Windows 7 firewall

After you turn off Windows 7 and Windows XP system firewalls, you should be aware that you have a third-party firewall installed. If it is already installed, please close it.

XP system computers cannot access Windows7 shared folders, while others can see shared directories under Windows7, but once they are in the directory, they are prompted to have no access rights.

  2. Open Guest Account

Until now, there is no more plausible explanation for why not opening the Guest account will affect the exchange of visits between Windows systems. This situation has been verified more than once between Windows 98 and Windows XP. Therefore, the exchange of visits between Windows XP and Windows 7 also requires opening the Guest account.

Open the Guest account for Windows 7

Similarly, you will also need to open the guest Guest account in the Windows XP system.

 3. File and Printer Sharing

When the user shuts down the firewall and the Guest account is turned on, the user needs to turn on "File and Printer Sharing" under Windows XP and Windows 7 firewalls, respectively, while still unable to implement the exchange of visits.

To turn on file and Printer sharing under Windows XP firewall

Specifically, if you are accessing through remote sharing, you should also find the items that are related to the remote service and turn them on separately.

4. User Rights

In Windows 7 systems, Microsoft has given the Administrator account higher security privileges for system security reasons. However, this "high privilege" setting creates more access barriers during system visits. Typically, because Windows 7 systems are "more alert" to system access, you need to give your visitors higher privileges if you are not given sufficient permission to system prompts.

Small knowledge: Security account permissions in Windows 7 systems

Including some Windows 7 users, many people think that the administrator account is the most privileged owner of the system, but this is not the case. Microsoft has also set up a hidden account in Windows 7, which has higher privileges.

Back to the topic, because the other side is network access, you in the local area network is likely because the specific access account can not be elevated permissions, therefore, you need to reduce the access to the file (folder) permissions, that is, indirectly give visitors "Full Control permissions."

To reduce the permissions of the accessed folder windows 7

Special tips:

If the user is not able to access the shared file after the method is set above, it is recommended that you switch to the Security tab in the 123 Properties folder, and then add Full Control permissions to the folder for the Access user.

  5. Security software or system assistance software

In the Windows XP era, Dingding's famous system-helper software, no more than the master of Windows Optimizer, has been set for Super Bunny Magic. Under the Windows 7 platform, this type of software is still in use by some users. Such software is also for system security considerations, generally shut down system remote access, or folder sharing. If you install this type of software, you need to see their program settings, whether sharing and remote services are turned off, and so on.

In addition, in some anti-virus software, they will also be limited to remote services and access, you also need to remove the restrictions.

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