How to restore Acer with one click

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First, you need to do some work before reinstalling the system, mainly back up the hard disk MBR information, enter C:/program files/Acer/Erecovery directory. Run mbrwrwin backup rtmbr. bin at the command prompt to back up the hard disk MBR information to the rtmbr. binfile and back up the file. This file will be used later!

At the same time, through erecovery

1. Burn the system recovery Disc
The system recovery disc can restore the computer to a factory operating system,

2. Burn the application CD
The application CD includes all the drivers and applications of the model. If you want to reinstall a non-original system, You must burn it. Otherwise, some of the software cannot be downloaded, and the driver can be downloaded from the Acer official website.


Then you can repartition and install the pro system! Remember to keep hidden partitions when you remember partitions. Otherwise, one-click recovery will completely disappear! If you want to replace it with the original system, you can only restore it with a CD!


After installing the system, install all the built-in management software. However, the Acer cannot be seen in the Acer emanager.
In erecovery, the original drive optical drive of acerwill be inserted into the optical drive, and an ery.exe program will be included in the patchdirectory of the optical drive. This is the one-click recovery software of Acer.
After unzipping, install and restart, and finally see Acer in Acer emanager.
Erecovery is available! It can also run, but one-click recovery can back up the current system to the CD, and during the system post, press Alt + F10 to restore the built-in system functions. It still cannot be used, prompting that the system will not enter the ghost after restart.


Now we need to use the rtmbr. binfile that was initially backed up! Copy the file to C:/program files/Acer/erecovery, and run the program "maid". OK. Everything is done! The software is restored with one click!

In addition, please use Alt + F10 with caution during post, because in this case, you will not be given the opportunity to choose. Directly overwrite drive C!




1. First highlight the hidden area
Note: in DOS mode, press win + R, Enter cmd, and press Enter.

2. Copy the rtmbrnb. BIN file in the hidden area to program files/Acer/erecovery.

3. Back up the original MBR first, just in case

4. Re-implant MBR

In this case, it will be restored, which is simple enough.






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