How to restore the default skin when a skin error occurs in dnn settings

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Sometimes, after downloading a dnn skin, you can't enter the management interface. How can I restore the default skin after a skin error is set?

Although it is a horse in the dark, you can preview the application before it can avoid a lot of trouble.
Bad manners

Using a dnn bug, using host login, entering the Skinsrc = % 5bg % 5d/skins/dnn-blue/horizontal % 20 menu % 20-% 20 fixed % 20 width. Of course, change to your website URL, you can see the skin Management page.
Quick Method

Delete the uploaded skin directory under portals \ _ Default \ skins. Because dnn cannot find this skin, the default skin is automatically used.
Advanced Method

Find the skins table in the dnn database and clear all the content in the table. The default skin settings are restored.
If the effect is not visible after modification, it is because of the cache. Add a few spaces in Web. config and save the space so that the effect can be seen after the reload. If you are setting skin for a page, you should modify the skinsrc or containersrc section in the tabs table, because the skin configuration is hierarchical and the skins table stores the website configuration, the tabs table stores page configurations.

Thanks to the "microdream software" and "Looking Forward" for their solutions!

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