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A wireless router is a device used to connect a home or enterprise LAN to the Internet. Wireless routers can provide greater mobility to portable PCs than wired routers. Routers work like firewalls because they hide the IP addresses of every PC that comes from the Internet. The new wireless router uses the 802.11G standard to provide up to 54MB of bandwidth per second in a short distance.

Choosing a wireless router is not difficult. You need a computer with a network adapter such as an Ethernet card. Next, you can take the following steps:

The first step: Search for advanced 802.11g Wireless broadband routers before purchasing. Find articles on the Internet or in computer magazines that introduce wireless router ratings and evaluations. For example, on the Web site. When you visit the homepage of this website, enter the "wireless router" in the search box, click the "Test" button, and click "Search" to see the expert's evaluation article.

Step two: Find low prices and discounts. Buy the router that will provide you with the best value. "Cheaper" does not mean that the product is bad. Vendors and suppliers sometimes have discounts or other discounts that are less expensive than those listed.

Step three: Pay attention to the situation of quality assurance. This is important for making decisions. Each product has a quality assurance period. Long term quality assurance means that the product can be better technical support and manufacturers more confidence in this product.

Step Fourth: See what features this router supports. Not all wireless routers support the same range of functionality. Learn what functions you need now and what functions you need in the future. Some of the features that need to be considered include high-speed Internet connectivity, basic file and print sharing, transmission of audio and image files, multiplayer gaming on the Internet, support for video streaming, and a large number of users using local area networks.

Step Fifth: Consider the convenience of using and setting before buying a broadband wireless router.

Step Sixth: Check the compatibility with the network adapter (Ethernet card) you are using. If your Wi-Fi device is manufactured by a manufacturer, consider purchasing a wireless router for the same manufacturer. The uniformity of the manufacturer means higher performance because the device has been tested and more fully optimized and uses the same communication protocol.

Step seventh: Consider your need for speed. The wireless router does not speed up your Internet connection. However, wireless routers are important for multiplayer games on the LAN and for resolving communication congestion in busy local area networks.

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