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In the early 21st century, the communications industry knew 3G this slogan, in 2001 China Unicom launched the CDMA mobile phone this 3G format, but the data, the Internet business Backward and Gsm/gprs/edge these 2G format has been able to meet the user said the need for calls, text messages and simple WAP requirements, so the concept of 3G has not been recognized by the vast number of mobile phone users. Finally, on January 7, 09, the Ministry to move, Telecom, Unicom issued three 3G licences, coupled with the previous iphone logo of smartphones, tablets, netbook boom, 3G era has finally begun to enter the public life, although the current tariff is still very high, the competition between operators is very tragic , so that there are "if G3 is 3G, that Gome is the United States" such jokes exist.

In the use of 3G wireless network in the process, more and more people are not satisfied with a 3G card can only make a network equipment online, and want to carry a number of devices can be networked (like ordinary broadband like), so the 3G wireless router has emerged.

3G Wireless router And what you normally see wireless router settings are different, below we take Tengda 3G 611R wireless router To do an example, to explain the router's setup steps and points:

The working principle of 3G wireless router

Tengda 3G611R is a 3g150m wireless router, it provides three kinds of access mode to achieve multiple computer sharing Internet.

The first is through the device to provide USB interface, with USB 3G card use, can share the 3G network card data Services to achieve more than one computer sharing network, especially for some inconvenient access to fixed broadband or need to carry out mobile share of the Internet users.

The second way is to support access to wireless broadband through a unique wireless WAN port function. That is, in some Wi-Fi city hotspots, when the ISP's wireless broadband signal is not very strong, through the wireless WAN port function, no need to plug the line, simple settings can realize the amplification of wireless signal and multiple computer sharing Internet.

The third is to support access to the common broadband environment by providing WAN interfaces, such as support for traditional DSL and cable broadband access. Also has the super compatibility, can break through some has the access limit the area, the easy realization multiple machine sharing Internet 3g611r In addition to support a variety of access methods, but also supports a variety of practical functions, such as supporting the WDS function, can wireless bridge several wireless routers, extend wireless network coverage. Support QoS Bandwidth control function, can effectively control the download rate of each client. At the same time also distributed Tengda for the development of non-professionals "one-click" CD, so that you easily install a good router, fast Internet.

The image above is the interface map of the Tenda 3G routing, and the white USB interface above is used to access the 3G Internet card. After the 3G network card is successfully networked, you can share more than one Internet connection.

The 3G router works as shown in the following illustration:

As shown above, this is the Tenda 3G router working schematic, 3G signal from the network operator's 3G base station sent out. 3G Card received 3G signal, through the 3G wireless router to the signal can be wirelessly received by the wireless WLAN signal, but also through the 3G router LAN port to connect with the computer network, so that the use of router routing function can be realized by multiple computer sharing 3G Internet.

Two, 3G wireless router Setup method

The Tenda 3G router setup is very simple and implements two ways of setting. If through the traditional web, as shown in the following image, enter the Web Management page, as long as the three-step operation, a choice of ISP, two 3G card model, three save, you can complete the setup, very simple, basically in 3 minutes to complete the installation settings.

Another way to set up is through Tengda unique one-key setting. Even if the user does not understand the computer, put the disc, according to the CD-ROM wizard, step-by-Step according to the wizard can complete the setup. Very simple, easy to achieve 3G sharing Internet.

After the CD into the optical drive, will automatically pop-up Tengda a key configuration interface, at this time we can see that there are 3 types of access to choose from, we only use the choice of 3G access on it, and then click Next.

According to the installation Wizard to the 3G Settings page, this place is very simple, you only need to do three steps to complete, one is the choice of the operator to provide 3G network, such as China Telecom. The second option is to select the type of 3G Internet card you are inserting, such as Tenda 3g189c. Third, click Next to complete the setup. The whole setup is very simple, because we've already integrated the other parameters we need into the software. The customer is very easy to operate and does not need to have any expertise to set up.

As can be seen above, the 3G network has been configured successfully and the router has acquired a public network IP address. At this point, your computer can be connected to the Tenda 3G611R router via a network cable or wireless Link to realize shared Internet.

These two simple settings, currently for the Tenda initiative, the market for a number of 3G routers, are required to fill in the ISP complex parameters, and often ordinary consumers do not understand these, and lead to the setting is not successful or very laborious. Tenda is designed to take these conditions into account, so ease of use is very good.

Comments: Through the above example, you will find that in fact, the setting of the 3G wireless router is not complicated, compared with ordinary ordinary routers is more simple, as long as careful observation and diligent look at the instructions, will be able to overcome halfway to meet the fault.

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