How to set up LAN printer sharing?

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LAN Printer Sharing How to set up? How do I set up printer sharing?

To achieve two printers or more than one printer share, first understand how to set up and share a printer computer printer in your local area network, and then what you need to solve is how other computers in the local area network can find the printer that the computer is sharing with, and connect to it. If you can understand the above, I believe that the realization of sharing is much simpler, the following to see the Time LAN Printer sharing settings detailed steps.

Before sharing the print, make sure that the computer of the share and the user's computer are in the same LAN, and that the LAN is unblocked and the operating system is preferably the same. Next look at the following actions.

One, on the computer with the printer, the printer is shared out

Step One: First, verify that the shared printer is powered on, and that the printer driver has been installed, and that normal printing is done, for driver installation is not described here. (The two computers in the actual operation are all Windows XP Professional operating systems).

Step two: Share the actual operation of the printer. to Canon PIXMA MP145 All-in-one Machine (part of the Canon MP 140 series) as an example, this is a network does not have the function of one machine, but, by connecting a computer, and then do the corresponding settings can be realized after sharing printing.

① the following actions on a computer with a printer:

Enter the beginning----directly find the printer and fax, direct Access can be, the following figure:

If you do not find the Printers and Faxes entry in the Start menu, you can go to the start-Set---control Panel.

② into the printer and fax Center as shown in the following illustration:

Then click on the printer by the key--select share as shown above. Then enter the following printer sharing interface.

As shown in the above picture, click "Share this Printer", and start a share name "lichaoMP140", then click "OK" button, then return to "Printer and fax Center", the following figure:

The printer sharing settings have been successful when you see an extra hand drag mark on the printer icon from the image above.

Here, basically, about printer sharing has been set to half, and the next thing to do is how to find the printer and use it on the other computer in the LAN.

Second, the local area network other computers how to find a shared printer and use

How do I set up a printer share? How do other local area computers view printers that are just starting to set up a shared printer? The most primitive way to know is to go to the Network Neighborhood--look at the entire Web workgroup, and slowly look for a shared printer.

This is not recommended in this way to find a printer, here to teach you how to quickly find a common lane out of the printer, the following methods:

① first go back to the computer with the printer, here is what you need is a printer computer IP address, get IP method as follows:

In the computer with the printer, start-run, enter "cmd return" in the run, hit the Enter button, and then enter "Ipconfig" in the pop-up interface, then hit the return button, the first line is the IP address of this computer. The following figure:

This time must use the pen to remember the obtained IP address, for example above is to have the printer computer's IP address.

② has the IP address of the computer where the printer is located, so it is easy to find a shared printer on a computer in other local area network, the operation is as follows.

Find a shared printer on a computer in another local area network and use the following methods:

① everything start with start, click Start-Run, and then pop up the following image:

② in the running dialog box, the computer connected to the print device in the LAN IP address, "". The following figure:

After that, you can find the shared service printer as shown in the above figure.

Here is basically the end, now you can start to test print on this computer, in the test when choosing a printer to choose a shared printer, the following figure.

Finally, through remote control, to achieve a shared printing effect:

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