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Lei Branch Router is more well-known routers, Word-of-mouth is also quite good, in fact, the LEI branch router set method and other general home router Setup method almost. However, there are still some novice friends will not get, want to small write a section on Lei ke Netcore wireless router setup steps and tutorials.

Lei ke router How to set up the Lei Ke wireless router setup graphics and text tutorial

Lei Ke Wireless Router setup method steps:

First, Lei Ke wireless router installation

First of all, will be Lei Ke wireless router installed, the main is the cat, Lei Ke wireless router and computer cable connection, about the router connection, we have a lot of introduction, wireless router installation connection schematic, as follows:

First, if you pull a cable that resembles a phone line, then the general need to pull back from the outside of the cable to the cat, and then from the other end of the cat connected to the wireless router, the last wireless router to connect the computer (this is our home broadband the most common way to connect), in fact, wireless router installation is quite simple, the following figure:

Diagram of cable connection between cat, router and computer

For some community broadband is not connected to the cat, you can directly connect the router, installation methods are as follows:

How to install a wireless router

As shown above, the wireless router after the connection between the devices, then the wireless router installation is over, but we also need to enter the computer to set up a wireless router can be used, then Lei wireless router How to set it, the following we will introduce, What needs to be explained here is that the Lei Ke wireless router installation in the other wireless router installation is identical.

Second, Lei Ke wireless router settings

1, Lei Ke wireless router installation is completed, we turn on the computer, and then open the Internet Explorer, in the browser address input:, and then press ENTER (enter) to confirm, you can enter the Lei Ke wireless router setup interface, the following figure:

Access to the Lei Ke wireless router setup interface

2, then will pop up Lei ke wireless Router logon dialog box, Lei ke wireless router default login account name and password are lowercase guest, this and many other wireless router default login username and password are different admin, this new friend should pay special attention to, otherwise can not login to Lei Ke wireless router internal settings , as shown in the following figure:

Lei ke wireless Router login interface

3, as shown above, enter a good username and password, click on the confirmation can be opened Lei ke wireless router settings interface, all settings, including the Internet account and wireless settings will be set in the following interface, the following figure:

Lei ke wireless Router setup interface

4, set the router parameters. First go to the WAN Setup page, each page has a wizard button in the upper right corner, first click on the "Wizard" to set up the router, after entering the Setup Wizard, we click Next, the first to enter the WAN settings, where the role is to be the network provider of online account password fill in.

The routers in the WAN Setup provide three ways to connect, including dynamic IP users, PPPoE users, and static IP users. We can choose according to their actual situation, choose different ways to enter different parameters, usually we use dial-up Internet, that is, PPPoE users. If you are not aware of your online type you can call the Lei Ke Service hotline or consult your local broadband operator. The main differences between the three are:

Choose your way of surfing the internet

PPPoE users (ADSL): Applicable to most Chinese telecom, China Netcom users, such users are mostly with a modem, and need to account and password to access the Internet.

Dynamic IP user (Cable Modem): Generally used for community broadband, the former computer is on the Internet, and the network configuration is "Automatic access to IP address."

Static IP user: A computer is a user who is connected to the Internet through a specified IP address, and the previous computer is configured with a fixed IP address.

Way one: Our most common way to access the Internet PPPoE User: Fill in the account password, all other settings remain unchanged, direct point "save effective" wait 1 minutes after the Internet. The following figure:

The most common way to set up PPPoE Internet

If you are using a dynamic IP user approach, select this option, and then set DHCP client parameters. First enter the router MCA address, if you do not know the exact MAC address, you can click on the back of the MAC address clone button to obtain. Or click the Restore default Mac button to use the default address. Finally enter the MTU and the master-slave DNS parameters click on the application (this average home user is very small).

Dynamic IP user settings

Mode two: As above, dynamic IP users: Select "Dynamic IP users (Cable Modem)" Can be, the other do not have to change, directly click "Save effective."

Static IP user Settings method

Mode three: If the static IP user: Select the "Static IP user" user, and as shown in the figure, all the original blank options are filled in your parameters. If you do not know the fixed parameters, please contact your network administrator.

Ps: General home users of the way to access the Internet is a PPPoE user mode, Mode II and mode three, the general user is rarely used, way one for the family from the telecommunications, netcom and other networks Shangla network cable; Way two for the community broadband, mode three is usually the company network. So we only look at the way one can, the way two and three understand can be.

5, the above completion, the following will enter the wireless settings, first click on the left side of the main page of the "Wireless Management" option is the basic wireless settings, we want to operate is to open the wireless function and enter the wireless network name (can be arbitrarily filled) and select channels, etc., as shown below:

Lei Ke wireless router wireless basic settings

6, then in the "Security Management" tab under the encryption type inside select "WPA2" encryption type, and at the bottom of our set of wireless password, the following figure:

Lei Ke wireless Router setup method

As shown above, Lei Ke wireless router to support the setting of multiple wireless login password, usually you need to set a few can. Then click Finish at the bottom.

Note: The 802.11N standard stipulates that only select Wpa-psk-aes or Wpa2-psk-aes encryption method to achieve the nominal transmission rate of routers. Lei Ke wireless routers strictly follow international standards, but also need to be so encrypted to reach 150M or 300M. Wpa2-psk-aes encryption is the best choice, because the wireless encryption method of the wireless network is the most difficult to be cracked by others.

After what access control, WDS does not need to set, unless you really need to control the network or control access, etc., WDS is mainly to enhance the wireless network transmission distance, the general default can be, do not need to set, the above settings are complete, remember to save, after the Lei Ke wireless router setup is basically over We can start surfing the Internet, and we can use the wireless Internet.

Language: Above is lei ke Netcore wireless router setup steps and tutorials, the entire setup process is not difficult, as long as the line cloth, the setup process generally will not have problems.

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