How to set up no lines by MAC address firewall

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How to set up No line by MAC address Firewall? The specific method steps are as follows:

Of course, the router is connected to its own computer with a network cable! and enter (if your route is a different address to enter the other!) Open the Login interface, now enter the username and password can be logged in!

Find your computer's MAC address, the MAC address of the general computer in the Control Panel Network and Internet network connection where the "local connection" right to select the "status" and point "Details" button, in the pop-up window there will be seen "Physical address" entry is the MAC address! Wireless card is the same!

Find your phone's MAC address: The phone can be opened in turn "set/about the mobile phone/wlan MAC address" can see our mobile phone's MAC address!

With the configurable interface open, we now go to the Firewall Settings tab of the routing configuration Interface's security settings option! Here we put "open firewall" on the hook, and below select "Open MAC address Filter" and choose " Allow access to the Internet only for Mac addresses that have been enabled in the list of MAC addresses, and then click Save when the settings are complete!

Now we're going to add the MAC address of our device to the MAC address Filter tab! Otherwise, even their own mobile phone and computer can not be on the net! We clicked on the "Add New Entry" tab, the MAC address of the Bouncing tab to fill in the MAC address of your computer phone; Description there is to allow us to distinguish between the MAC address of the device, the status select "Effective" and click "Save", so that we successfully add the MAC address of a device and how many times we add it.

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