How to set up the ipad fingerprint identification? The ipad Air fingerprint identification method

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IPhone5S fingerprint identification How to set it, fingerprint identification is a IOS7 system new function of a more practical function, I would like to introduce the iOS7 fingerprint recognition function how to set it.

1. Fingerprint information storage is safe

Each person's fingerprints are unique, the IPhone 5s fingerprint function to be able to operate normally, first to read stored in the phone's pre-set fingerprint. So where does this fingerprint fit in? If the location of the store is easily accessible, the fingerprint is easily cracked. The iphone 5s will store your personal fingerprint information in the secure enclave of the A7 chip that comes with it, and the general software has no access to it, and the fingerprint information does not sync to icloud. So for security, the IPhone 5s fingerprint information is very safe.

2. What is the accuracy of recognition?

The IPhone 5s main screen is also a fingerprint sensor, and when you put your finger on the main screen, fingerprint recognition starts automatically. will be ready to scan your fingerprint and compare it with the fingerprint stored in the secure enclave inside the A7 chip, and if the fingerprint matches, the IPhone 5s screen will be lit. The fingerprint identification button is made of sapphire glass, and when the finger is placed on it, it is the equivalent of placing the finger under the spotlight, and every detail of the fingerprint will be scanned clearly.

3. How to open fingerprint identification

Opening the iphone 5s fingerprint unlock function is very simple, just need to open the fingerprint identification function in the system setup, enter your fingerprint to be possible. The more times you use it, the more the IPhone 5s fingerprint recognizer works, and the fingerprint Reader Touch ID is constantly learning. Of course, the IPhone 5s fingerprint identification can also register 5 fingers, that is, can be registered at the same time a few people can. At the same time, up and down by fingerprint can be identified, is any angle is OK.

How to use iphone5s fingerprint identification

IPhone5S Fingerprint identification function is very simple, users only need to open the fingerprint identification function in the iphne5s settings, and input their fingerprint information to the iphone5s, the following detailed introduction.

IPhone5S Fingerprint identification setup steps are as follows:

1, first found in the interface, and into the iphone 5S settings, as shown in the following image:

IPhone5S settings

2, into the iphone5s settings inside, we find "fingerprint" option settings, into the inside can see iphone5s fingerprint identification settings interface.

IPhone5S's Touch ID (fingerprint identification) set is quite simple, the user only need to find the fingerprint option in the settings, the fingerprint on the home key repeatedly press to confirm that the fingerprint can be fully identified into red to use. As shown in the following illustration:

IPhone5S fingerprint Recognition Function setting method

IPhone5S can be set to retain up to five fingerprints, as long as the upgrade settings can be very easy to use, the basic can be found in the settings fingerprint options, you can learn to iphone5s fingerprint identification settings.

After setting up the IPhone5S fingerprint recognition function, when the screen closes, the user needs to press the finger to the home and then stay Shinsi before it can unlock, avoid the trouble of the password input, and can effectively guarantee our iphone5s use security.

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