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Read a lot on the internet about how to turn on the UPnP feature, and found that no article has been able to introduce the entire UPnP setup process, it is only part of the story. So decided to write an article, at least the overall idea of setting up UPnP, because it involves different operating systems and different models of ADSL Modem, so this article can not be exhaustive, but at least provide a more complete idea. Due to the level of limited, not to the place also please master advice.

I. The concept of UPnP:

The following is an explanation of UPnP at Microsoft's official website:

Q: What is UPnP?

A: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is an architecture for common Peer-to-peer network connections for PCs and smart devices (or instrumentation), especially in the home. UPnP is based on Internet standards and technologies such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and XML, enabling such devices to connect and work together automatically, making the network, especially the home network, possible for more people.

Q: What does UPnP mean to consumers?

A: Simple, more choices and a more innovative experience. Network products that contain Universal Plug and Play technology can start working properly only if they are actually connected to the network. In fact, UPnP can be used in conjunction with any network media technology (wired or wireless). For example, this includes: Category 5 Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or 802.11B wireless network, IEEE 1394 ("Firewire"), telephone line network, or power cable network. When these devices are interconnected with PCs, users can take full advantage of innovative services and applications. (Computer science)

The following is an explanation of UPnP on the official BC website:

UPnP (Universal Plug), Universal Plug and Play, is a group of protocols collectively, can not be simply understood as upnp= "automatic port mapping." In the BitComet download, UPnP contains 2 layers of meaning:

1, for an intranet computer, BitComet UPnP function can make gateway or router NAT module to do automatic port mapping, BitComet listening to the port from the gateway or router map to the intranet computer.

2. The network firewall module of the gateway or router begins to open this port to other computers on the Internet.

I think Microsoft's explanation is too theoretical for the Oxford Dictionary, and the interpretation of the BC official website is too subtle. In fact, for the general user, it is easy to understand UPnP as an automatic port mapping. It is a new Internet protocol based on TCP/IP protocol for devices to communicate with each other, in the hope that all devices connected to the Internet will be able to communicate with each other in the future without the gateway being blocked.

Second, which users need to use UPnP function?

1, only when you need to use some of the Peer-to-peer software support UPnP, such as BT, Electric Mule emule, MSN, etc., we need to consider UPnP this dongdong. If you do not use these software, just browsing the internet, there is no need to see the following;

2, if you need to use these peer-to-peer software, but you are extranet users, then you can not see the following, because you do not need to do what UPnP can be normal use of these peer-to-peer software;
3, if you are intranet users, but you have manually for these peer-to-peer software port mapping, such as in the use of BC Download, in the "user list" has seen "remote", or to make the electric mule emule connected to the server after the success, has been shown as high ID, then the following can not see.

However, it should be noted that the manual port mapping is only for a peer-to-peer software, if the use of new Peer-to-peer software, still need to do the corresponding port mapping for the new Peer-to-peer software;

4, if you are intranet users, need to use these peer-to-peer software, and did not carry out manual port mapping, such as in the use of BC for downloading, "user list" only "local" and not "remote", when the use of electric mule emule, the display is also a low ID, So at this point we need to consider the problem of port mapping!

Then we can have two choices:

1, Carry on the manual port mapping.

2, turn on the UPnP function, automatic port mapping, that is, we are talking about the content below;

Summary: The purpose of UPnP automatic port mapping:

In BC, for example, manual port mappings and automatic UPnP port mappings are all for remote connections, so users who see "remote" in the user list do not need port mapping or upnp! UPnP and port mappings only need to take one, and they are equivalent to 2 different methods of achieving the goal.

So if your system or hardware does not support UPnP, you don't have to be sad, follow the 3rd link in the article to manually do the port mapping can be, the effect is the same;
Iii. What conditions must be met for the implementation of UPnP:

3 conditions must be met simultaneously:

1, the modem must support the UPnP function: whether to have this function can refer to the manual or directly consult the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the modem must also support the routing function, unless you are equipped with a separate router;

2, operating system support: the article mentioned in the beginning of the UPnP in the article, mentioned only Windows XP system to support the UPnP features, but Microsoft's official web site claimed that the beginning of Windows Me has supported UPnP functionality. But I have not used the operating system of Windows Me, you can test yourself;

3, the software must support UPnP functions: such as BC, Electric Mule emule, MSN and other software support UPnP functions;

Incidentally, the current several video chat software has its own specificity, such as NetMeeting, QQ, etc. do not support the UPnP function, the end of the article will elaborate on these several video chat software particularity, this is not in-depth discussion, a stroke;

Note: The above 3 conditions must be met at the same time, integral, otherwise you can only consider the manual port mapping;

Iv. how to turn on UPnP features

If the above 3 conditions have been met, then we will explain step-by-step how to open the UPnP function in the end;

1, in the modem open UPnP function.

Different models of modem settings interface and methods are slightly different, such as some in the Drop-down menu to choose Enable, but the basic principle is the same;

Some of the articles mentioned that at this time to remove all bridged EOA connections, I think it is not necessary to do so. Because at present only your PPPoE connection is valid, the other several eoa of the corresponding VPI and VCI is not valid, so there is no need to delete. But whether some models of the modem will be more special and difficult to speak, so it is recommended that the time is not deleted, all settings, if it is still not open UPnP, and then try to remove EOA;

Of course, after setting up, be sure to save and restart the modem;

2, open the UPnP function in the operating system:

If you are using an XP SP2 system, first enter: Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs-> Add/Remove Windows Components, in the "Network services" check "UPnP user interface."

OK, the system will automatically install the appropriate components, you may be prompted to insert the installation disc, in short, follow the prompts to complete the operation;

Next, open the firewall from Windows, and in the Exceptions tab, select the UPnP framework.

There is actually a simpler way to do both of these steps: Double-click the network Place on your desktop (note that the left mouse button is double-clicked, not the right button to view the properties), and then click "Show the icon for networked UPnP devices" and the UPnP component will be automatically installed and the UPnP framework open in the firewall. is actually a one-time completion of the above two steps of work;

If you are using an XP SP1 system, then "Universal Plug and Play" is displayed in "Windows Components" instead of "UPnP user Interface", select this.

and XP SP1 system firewall does not have the UPnP framework option, need to manually port add, another tutorial on this, is cited here:

In the firewall settings, click Advanced, and then add the following two ports yourself: TCP port Type, port number: 2869,UDP ports type, port number: 1900. Since you use a NAT gateway, you should set up a firewall that connects you to the gateway's network card. And the gateway is internal intranet, so open these two ports, will not cause security problems (unless your NAT gateway is bypassed, otherwise the external connection cannot detect the port). 】

The above firewall settings are only for Windows from the firewall, if you install other firewalls, you must open the UPnP framework in the firewall;

3. Open the appropriate UPnP service in Windows:

Go to the Control Panel-> management tool-> service to find the SSDP Discovery service and Universal Plug and play Device host two services.

Right-click the appropriate service item, select Properties, and start both services.

After doing the work, if the operation is correct, we can see a new gateway in the "network Connection", which indicates that the addition of UPnP has been successful;

4, open Peer-to-peer software in the UPnP function:

Take BC and electric mule emule as an example, the corresponding setting options.

So far, our work on UPnP is really over.

In BC, for example, after the UPnP feature is added successfully, in the global log we will see a few lines like the following:
Windows XP Upnpstatus:found WAN Connection Device[linksys Inc.] []
Windows XP Upnpstatus:wan Ip:218.30.*.*
Windows XP upnpstatus:port Mapping existed!

At this time we use BC for downloading, if the user list has "remote", or the electric mule emule connected to the server after the display as high ID, then it is done!

Five, a few video chat software simple comparison description:

Currently commonly used video chat software mainly MSN, NetMeeting and QQ, these 3 software only MSN support UPnP features, and found in the MSN option does not set the option of UPnP, that is, MSN is always the default to turn on UPnP function. In addition, MSN does not seem to be like BC or electric mule emule to provide a manual port mapping, so as long as the UPnP function is not turned on, MSN functions will be limited, such as voice communication can not be;

While NetMeeting does not support UPnP, but it provides a manual port mapping can be the number of ports, if you are intranet users, as long as the manual 1503 and 17,202 of the map can be used to normal use of all audio and video functions;

QQ is the way of UDP, through the UDP server to achieve audio and video and file transmission, with UPnP no relationship, so regardless of intranet or extranet, using QQ are unimpeded, but the speed of transmission is slower;

To tell the truth, I usually do not often chat on the internet, so the chat software is not deep understanding, if there is wrong place, welcome expert advice.

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