How to solve the automatic shutdown of HP computer

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HP Computer automatic shutdown Solution One:

1. Virus problem: A hacker through the system loophole to your computer intrusion, and then you can remotely control all your computer behavior, including the computer is always automatic shutdown.

2. Automatic shutdown of computer caused by timing software and scheduled tasks. Some software with tasks will have the option of automatic shutdown, the user may accidentally set up.

3. Hardware problems caused by, such as power supply voltage instability, plug or power plug contact bad, bad heat, CPU, memory, optical drive damage

4. The chassis reset health quality problems, if the reset health damage, will occasionally touch the chassis or normal use of the computer will appear automatically shutdown.


1. Heat dissipation is not good. Due to the effect of weather temperature (now winter can eliminate environmental problems) or the CPU fan is not enough to cause the system overheating, resulting in computer shutdown, it is recommended to check the system temperature is normal.

2. Memory reason. When the memory and the motherboard slot contact loose can also cause the computer to shut down automatically, it is recommended to check the memory and the motherboard plugged in.

3. Power supply problem. Lack of power supply is also an important factor that causes computer automatic shutdown.

4. Software factors. As a result of viruses or trojans caused by computer shutdown is also everywhere, especially the recent popular shock wave, the virus will cause the system after the restart and shutdown. If you are using a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system, it is recommended that you use antivirus software after the shock wave on the timely patch, the general problem can be solved.

Try to change the disc, second, check the optical drive power cord or the data line is connected to prison, if there is no problem that is the optical drive problems.

HP Computer automatic shutdown solution two:

First of all, we check the computer's heat dissipation, if your computer turned on the successful automatic shutdown, it is possible that the computer caused by poor heat, computer to start automatic protection shutdown.

Open the chassis to check the Cup fan-the power supply fan's health and solidity. If there is a stop or speed instability, will cause the CPU temperature rise, then you need to replace the fan. If the operation is normal, then we are excluding the cause of the heat caused by the computer automatic shutdown factors.

Memory board Socket Contact loosening is also the cause of computer automatic shutdown factor, at this time we do not care if the contact is solid, unplug the memory after cleaning in the correct installation method inserted. You can also try a different slot.

Power problems, power supply is not enough to cause computer automatic shutdown, this situation is low, we mainly check the power supply fan cooling.

The computer motherboard problem, this problem general user is not good to detect, we can only through the naked eye to see if the capacitance is distorted, if the deformation of the situation is likely to lead to computer automatic shutdown of the culprit.

The above is caused by computer automatic shutdown of several major hardware factors, there are many other factors such as the motherboard power supply, hard disk and other issues. If the computer is running in the process of automatic shutdown and is the software factor,

First we have to eliminate the virus and Trojan factors,

We can use the computer inspection housekeeper (PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1BNPASUV) to detect the computer Trojan and virus and hardware and software configuration,

If through the above DIY computer automatic shutdown method does not lift your problem, suggest you go to a professional computer shop to repair it ~

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