How to solve the slow update of the Symantec AntiVirus Virus virus database of Norton Enterprise Edition

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It has been a long time to use the Norton Enterprise Edition, and 9.0 of the scanning and killing capabilities are really average. If you want to use Kabbah and so on, it will be much better than 10.0, 11.0, and Vista, what you like most is that it occupies a small amount of resources and does not feel like it is running, but you can see it working silently in the background, and the effect is good, working with security guard is enough to make the computer secure, but the other problem has been too troublesome, that is, the update of LiveUpdate in the system is too slow. In the unit computer, it is used for management, I don't feel like a uniform download from the server, but I cannot install it for other friends at home. I can only search for "noton" to download it, which is very troublesome. Later I found the solution.
In the control panel, there is a Symantec LiveUpdate (usually available). In the first tab, the default update method is interactive (interactive) and changed to express mode (express mode ), in this way, the built-in LiveUpdate is much faster. Why is it not well studied?

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