How to troubleshoot an SSD hard drive cannot be formatted

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"Ideas for solving problems"

When the hard disk appears unable to format, partition, the general method is to initialize the operation. For mechanical hard disk generally using the method of low lattice, but now SSD hard disk and traditional mechanical hard drive is different, low lattice on solid-state hard disk meaningless. Because the low lattice refers to the rewriting of the disk interleaving factor, that is, the disk on the magnetic, solid-state drives are completely different, so the low lattice for solid-state drives is meaningless. For big manufacturers of SSD hard drives, manufacturers will generally provide the appropriate tools to the SSD hard disk initialization settings, you can completely delete SSD hard disk all information. In this case, the cottage SSD does not have such software, but the system with the Dsikpart command can achieve similar effect, so the idea is to solve the problem by DiskPart command line to the SSD 0 operations.

"How To solve problems"

First, the failed SSD hard disk to the normal boot of the computer (or use PE boot boot failure computer into the PE system), start the command prompt as an administrator, and then enter the following commands (#为注释语句无需输入, figure 1):



List disk

#选中需要清零的磁盘, note that the following actions will remove all the contents of the selected disk, so be sure to do a safe backup of the data before the operation, and in the operation must confirm the selected disk, do not have the option

Select Disk 0



Figure 1 Zeroing the disk

When you do this, you are prompted to "successfully clear the disk" so that all partitions on the disk are cleared. Continue to start the Disk Management component, and in the disk list you will see a black-labeled unallocated space disk, right-click to select New simple volume, and then partition the hard disk (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Re-partitioning the hard drive

Diskpartde "clean" parameter is to delete all partitions of the disk, this method is also suitable for the memory disk, the mobile disk and other disks, such as the flash drive (flash disk can not be in Disk Management of the deletion partition, only through the DiskPart command to remove the partition) capacity suddenly smaller, Mobile hard disk can not be formatted and so on, after clearing 0 to be able to repartition the repair of the fault. Again, before doing this kind of risky operation, be sure to do a safe backup of important data beforehand.

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