How to turn your USB drive into memory under the Win7 system

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1, first of all, see your U disk manual or external packaging, generally will indicate whether the "High speed U Disk" or whether "support ReadyBoost technology", in addition to ensure that the U disk at least 256M more than the space-only in this way, to achieve this function. Then plug your USB drive into your computer's port. Accidental discovery, in fact, the general U disk even mobile memory card can also achieve ReadyBoost function, the secret is to convert storage devices to "NTFS" format. (The cell phone will not read after the memory card is converted to NTFS).

2, the computer will eject the "AutoPlay" panel, select "Speed up my system." or point right-U-disk property-readyboost.

3, in the pop-up Properties panel, select the "ReadyBoost" tab, then choose "Use this device" and "to speed up the system of reserve space" (that is, choose how many U disk space as memory to use), click "OK" button, your computer accelerated success!

4, after the application of this feature, you will find in the running of some large projects, for example, large-scale games, rendering software, graphics software, the computer running speed will have a larger increase, of course, this also with you to provide a U disk size has a direct relationship, U disk memory the larger the increase in the space is larger, conversely the smaller.

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