How to unlimited use of fast travel accelerator method of free travel accelerator

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1 Xun Tour 5 days free Experience Card:

Provide 5 days of free use for new users who use the software for the first time. If you want to use this free 5-day experience qualification, you can experience it by registering a new user. Of course, if you want to continue to use these 5 days of free acceleration eligibility, you need to constantly pay attention to the new number to achieve.

In addition, we can also from NetEase, 17173 and YY official website to obtain the "VIP privilege" free access to "fast travel N-day activation code, but also unlimited free to receive." The following is the specific method of operation.

First we need to register a fast travel account, you can directly click on the "Fast Travel" program in the main interface of the "registration" button to achieve.

Then enter the account information to complete the registration operation.

Login NetEase, 17173 and yy website. In this "17173" official website for example, after the completion of the login, input "fast travel" and search, from the results list click on the "Fast Tour VIP3 Day Card" button.

Then click on the "Rob" button.

In the Open "Landing" page, enter the account for login operation, and need to complete the mobile phone binding operation.

Then click on the "Rob" button, after the completion of the mobile phone verification, the successful acquisition of fast travel 3 days free activation Code use eligibility.

Then in the "Fast Travel" program main interface, click the "Activate Code Recharge" button.

Then, in the Open Web page, enter the activation code that has been picked up for free, and complete the "OK and support-pay" operation.

Finally, a support-pay-for-completion operation interface is ejected.

12 by using the above methods, we can register multiple types of accounts to achieve unlimited free use of fast speed.

First from the travel website Download a fast tour, and then install it, do not open.

Then open the download of the registered cat software.

Registration is, the verification code in the lower right corner of the box.

Just downloaded the file has a folder, open the inside of the Xun tour.

Then use the account you just registered to log in fast travel. After entering the Xun tour, click to start the World of Warcraft to accelerate the success of the accelerated, after the exit of this fast tour can be.

This step in the landing of the fast travel, not from the official website to download the one, here to visit the Express tour is just downloaded that software in the software that folder

The last step, open you just from the official online tour, or with the account you just registered, you will find that there are 23 hours of experience, experience time expired, repeat the above steps

The focus of this article is to repeat the registration operation can be, not an account can be free activation Oh, we are interested to try it.

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