How to upgrade your old notebook? Old Laptop upgrade Strategy

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The cycle of replacing a laptop is not the same as replacing a mobile phone or other electronic device, and more friends want it to work longer. But considering the hardware aging, slow reaction time and other factors will certainly affect the experience and efficiency. In fact, as long as the replacement of some accessories can let the old notebook into a "second spring" state

Notebook accessories, theoretically from memory, screen, motherboard, CPU, graphics, hard disk, power, keyboard, wireless network card are all can be replaced by the upgrade, the following small series to explain to you.


General notebook computers are standard with a single memory, the majority of the 4GB one-root memory, this time we can buy their own notebook memory to add, the general notebook memory location in the computer a fast removable area, unscrew the back cover screws can be replaced.

Most of the notebook memory locations are here

  If you want to add memory yourself, you need to be aware that you need to be aware of your memory type when adding memory , and understand exactly which generation of memory is DDR2/DDR3/DDR3L/DDR4 to avoid compatibility issues . Also pay attention to the maximum running frequency of your own memory. General active duty of the old notebook memory is the majority of the DDR3 1333Mhz. Of course, buying a higher frequency is no problem, just like the desktop will be down to the lowest memory frequency running, a bit will also appear incompatible problems, so buy notebook memory, need to understand what type of memory and frequency of the motherboard support, if it is to achieve dual channels, it is best to buy 2 of the same model of memory.

Also, please note that the slim notebook is not replaceable because the memory is encapsulated on the motherboard. Notebook memory generally buy Samsung, Kingston, such as the first-line brand memory is no problem. It is best to choose one cat and one East purchase.

  --Hard drive

When it comes to hard drives, some friends may feel embarrassed: because the old notebook also has only one hard drive area; some friends are afraid to replace the solid-state hard drive, the old mechanical hard drive will have no place to put; there is no need to worry, small part of the proposal you can remove the old computer's optical drive (the optical drive is now basically useless), Then buy an optical drive bit of the hard drive carrier to install (note the optical drive size) can be .

Hard drive carrier on the east (pay attention to the optical drive dimensions when buying)

11 after the advent of the SATA3 interface, some notebook hard disk bit is the SATA3. If you want to install 2.5-inch SSD friends recommend the hard drive installed in the old hard drive location, the mechanical hard drive installed in the original CD-ROM . If you have a new support for mSATA and m.2 interfaces, you can choose to buy them directly. If your notebook does not own SSD, you can buy it yourself.

Basically all of the notebooks are supporting the demolition of the hard drive, even including some on-board hard disk computer, such as Surface Book, theory is on, the novice suggested not to do so, so as not to be able to restore after installation of the situation.

If your notebook supports the mSATA interface, be aware of the size, see if the motherboard is supporting a half high or full height; if it is a new computer that supports the M.2 interface, it should be noted that Bkey (SATA) or Mkey (PCI-E), attention to the type, is to pay attention to the length. General now m.2 interface before also told you, mainly divided into 2242, 2260, 22,803 specifications.

Two types of interface list

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