How to use a computer to send messages to a mobile phone

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When we work, the boss certainly does not want you to play the mobile phone often, when the mobile phone in the living room charging while you are in the bedroom computer next to, I believe you will also lazy to go to the phone to send and receive text messages. As a result, the wireless form of computer Management of mobile phones, is undoubtedly the best solution to the above problems.

The embarrassment of having a cell phone unavailable

In many circumstances it is not convenient for us to use mobile phones, such as when the boss is working under the nose, the phone happens to be played by a man/girlfriend, mobile phone in another room ... Fortunately, today there are a lot of PC client software can be directly connected with the phone, on the computer screen to see calls and SMS messages, management file transfer. In other words, when you are not convenient to use the mobile phone, the computer screen is your mobile phone screen, we can use the PC to direct the mobile phone instructions.

Airdroid help you.

There are a lot of Android client software on PCs, such as pea pods, 91 cell phone assistants, and so on, but the software is very functional, startup speed and execution efficiency are not satisfying. Here, I recommend to you "Airdroid". The software is divided into PC side (EXE installation file) and mobile phone (apk installation file) two parts, respectively, after the computer and mobile phone installation can be used.

Super simple way to connect

We need to register an account before using airdroid, and then log on to the PC and the client on the phone (Figure 1). Wireless connectivity can be achieved if both devices are in the same LAN environment (that is, the same W-ifi network is connected). Airdroid can manage multiple mobile phones at the same time (Figure 2), through the function button on the left side of the PC client, you can switch file transfer, SMS, call, contact and other functional modes.


For example, when you want to send a text message to someone, simply switch to the SMS function, or contact person call record interface, click on the icon button can pop-up Chat window, with PC keyboard typing efficiency is more efficient than mobile phone virtual button faster, at this time even if the phone is not around you, you can give the designated friends to send information (Figure 3 )。 Similarly, any content, including pictures, music, and the phone, can also be accessed directly from the PC.

Give Airdroid the permissions specified

Because the Airdroid software in the process of use will read the phone information and contact information, so the first run may eject the authorized window, we simply choose to allow. In addition, the software also needs to use the desktop Notification Service, in the mobile phone settings to find the corresponding function option to open it (Figure 4).

It is worth mentioning, airdroid PC client can also add Virtual Mobile Screen window interface (Figure 5), can be on the PC screen for the mobile phone software to load, replace the theme ringtones, such as arbitrary operation, very convenient.

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