How to use a page template in a micro-credit public platform?

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recently, micro-credit public number backstage launched a new feature "page template"; The page templates feature is a functional plug-in that creates an industry Web page for the public number. Public number can choose Industry template, import control and material to generate web pages, public number can be copied by the custom menu, text message read the original text and other ways to publish. The following figure shows the way

1, first search micro-trust public platform, click to enter and access the public account password and other information; Look for the official website words (such as figure) an address.

2, after entering, click on the Right Function List "page template", such as the right does not directly click on the following function Plug-ins Add, in the plug-in function list to find " page template " and add it.

3, then click on the Add page template into the following list (pictured) a total of two display modes as shown in the picture and mobile phone side show no difference. If we want to make a template, we need to choose a type. For example: Cover page templates. After the appearance of the add interface, you can add your own published graphics or text or edit the micro-publishing. The next analogy is the same method, want to add the template which section of the content, directly click on the forum, and then click Add.

4, the production template is a new public number page, can be copied link to the custom menu published. in the case of customization but still idle, you can link the created template directly to the switch link bar of the custom menu.

5, we have just created a good template of the link to copy down, paste directly to the custom menu can be. (figure) to save and publish the menu.

  Second, mobile phone side display

1, such as figure: after editing, save and publish the menu. View the front end of the phone.

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