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As we all know, the site optimization process of data analysis is essential to daily work, especially for a novice friend, I suggest the best to Baidu Webmaster platform to apply for Baidu webmaster Tools, is generally the site to submit applications, download authentication code to FTP with domain name access to this authentication code file can verify the success, The new application of the Web site data information, general data after a day will be shown in the Baidu Webmaster Tools backstage, today the author of their own Lantian Jade website for example to analyze how to use the Baidu Administrator tool analysis of our website optimization data.


First, the analysis of the site Baidu index amount. First, I put the first picture of Baidu for its own site index of the analysis, last week, the author through the view of its webmaster tools to find their own site included in the amount of about 295, today again view its tools found to be included down to 275, and then can't wait to login Baidu Webmaster Tools, Baidu Index to see the amount of data found that there is a noticeable decline in volatility, we can take a look at the figure, this diagram illustrates what, the author of the next Self review, the recent January I did not for their own Lan Tanyu network update an article, so yesterday after the update index volume is understandable but reduced, explain what the reason. The author thinks that the content and the chain are always optimized Baidu's core, article content must have regular updates, the long time does not update the station article, will reduce the site in the Baidu weight value, the weight value is lowered, the collection is bound to be affected, this is the author through the analysis summary of the 1th, I hope we can take warning.


Second, analyze the user's search keywords. From the diagram, the author of the word, Lan Tanyu whether the amount of search or display rate is far ahead of this undoubtedly, because the search Lantian Jade author site is Baidu's first position, so the word flow value is the highest, we continue to see the following Lantian Jade Bracelet, Lan Tanyu price Lantian Jade identification, Lan Tanyu bracelet price Second, These long tail words are also the focus of the author's current optimization, although the flow and clicks are far less than the main keyword but for our article writing and long tail word construction provides a positive positive help things, these are also Baidu Webmaster tools in the tip of the webmaster, for their own may not find the long tail word, backstage at a glance show out, Later we just need to increase the content construction and related articles in the long tail words how effective layout and monitoring for the long tail word breakthrough is not very difficult. From this figure I realized that the site optimization process not only to catch watermelon sesame is also a lot of attention, because countless sesame will firmly stabilize our main keyword in the performance of Baidu, improve the weight of the main keyword.


Third, we are to analyze the site outside the chain situation. The author analyzes the recent three-month site outside the chain of changes, from the diagram of the chain has been in the upward trend, after analysis of the author believes that the increase in the chain of the result is also agreed, because in recent months the author has been adhering to the webmaster network for the soft text, although the number of the chain may be reproduced every time is not very much, But the quality is definitely a lever, and through this diagram I have learned, Baidu for the quality of the chain in the real sense of monitoring efforts, high-quality outside the chain to do a possible one effect, in the Baidu Administrator tool we can directly see the rising trend of the chain, and wantonly released some low-level signatures and even spam messages such as the outside chain, Although the quantity is many but all is satisfies own vanity heart, for Baidu may be directly ignored, for their own outside the chain of value factors and growth, Baidu official background data is the real king, is the real measure of our link quality of the most effective weight, since do Baidu will all Baidu as the core, such as Baidu Webmaster White paper, Baidu Webmaster Tools and so on.

Finally, the author summarizes, after the analysis of the above three charts, from the recent analysis of their own web site data, the author concludes that the site content or to increase the strength of the update, because the data shows everything, secondly, the key words of the excavation has yet to continue to upgrade, As much as possible to dig more valuable words whether it is CNZZ or Baidu webmaster tools in short, the more the better. Finally, the site soft outside the chain construction needs to adhere to, webmaster network to bring the soft text outside the chain of the actual Baidu administrator tools to the nod, from the number of the chain of ascension we can see the clue, after the analysis of the author made clear the next point to do is what the key work. Well, this article by Lan Tanyu bracelet Price original A5 Webmaster Network reproduced please keep the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

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