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If you use your music phone as a hotspot, then a wifi feature like Touch,pad can search your phone's WiFi network, connect to it, and use WiFi generated traffic to surf the internet, which is the GPRS or 3G traffic for the phone card in the WiFi. So it is best to put a packet of large flow of the Internet card in Le phone. Also, the mobile phone as a hot spot is very cost electricity, the best time to plug in the charger.

China Mobile is generally available nationwide to receive wireless networks. If you are not, please see this article to explain the mobile WiFi hotspot settings.

1, confirm mobile phone mobile business WLAN basic function is open, if not open can dial 10086 to find customer service open, or landing mobile online business Hall opened, landing online after the office to find WLAN services, click into.

2, do not open the user can click Business Processing under the "open" button, and then enter the following two password can be opened.

3, in the Computer task bar click on the network connection and select CMCC, click the connection button to connect to the CMCC network.

4, if your mobile phone package contains free WLAN minutes, and you have just set the secret in step 2, you can skip steps 5, 6.

As shown in figure:

5, if your mobile phone package does not include free WLAN minutes, you need to open the relevant package, opening the browser will automatically open mobile CMCC with e-line WLAN URL, select package, enter mobile phone number and verification code, click to order.

6, pop-up window "business has been entertained, please follow the 10086 SMS prompt language for relevant operations," opened WLAN package.

7. Enter your username and password in the static password login in mobile CMCC with e-line WLAN URL.

The user name is the mobile number, the password is your WLAN password, is the password which sets up when the WLAN is opened in step 2, clicks to log in.

8, in the open new page you can see the login situation, and you have used the WLAN time long.

 Attention matters

1, if your mobile phone package does not include WLAN free minutes, the opening of CMCC WLAN features need additional costs, please carefully consider.

2, there is no CMCC network hotspots can not log on to mobile WLAN.

3. When you are not using the CMCC network, please click the "Offline" button on Step 8 page.

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